Pillow Power

Pillow Power


Talk to Trudy and our design team, and they’ll tell you that pillows may pack the biggest punch when it comes to a quick decorating fix. Take your pretty neutral colored sofa, add a couple of punchy pillows and luxurious lumbar, and voila! It all comes together. 

Start with the couch

And play!

Although pillows may seem like the most obvious decorating punch, in the past few years, my trips to Goodwill have probably had more pillows in the bags than anything else.  Why?  Because until I came to understand pillow power, I definitely bought the wrong ones.  The right pillows should make a statement and add the final layer of elegance to a room; they also need to be lush, comfortable and functional, so you’re not constantly rearranging a sofa when you sit. 

Here are a couple of tips from our pillow pros, Huff Harrington Designers Trudy, Heather and Wren: 

  • Insert sizes should be one size bigger than you pillow to get consistent  fullness.  Example:  24” insert for a 22” pillow cover

  • Use colors from the main piece of art in your room to pull the room together.

  • More expensive, down inserts are much more durable, comfortable & look  better. Try high quality hypoallergenic if allergies are an issue.


  • Start on the outside of you sofa and work inward .

  • Throw in a different size,  shape or pop color to avoid too much symmetry.

  • Don’t be afraid to mix textures …all neutral pillows can look stunning with different textured fabric.

  • Pillows looking tired?  Filling need to be re-distributed?   Throw them on to your floor with a little ‘umph’ a few times (it's a great tension reliever!).

My biggest aha moment with the power of pillows was the time we were hired to pull together the design of 7 Parisian apartments, all located on the gorgeous Place Dauphine, and belonging to our friends at  Paris Perfect.. Our client had done most of the renovation and planning ahead and we swept in with the last layer of design, which included art, accessories and pillows:  54 pillows to be exact!  We ordered the down filler for delivery ahead and hand carried 54 pillow covers from the U.S. in our suitcases, along with dozens of accessories, accoutrements, and coffee table books.  (That’s when I learned, by the way, that there is a fine art to stuffing which I sorely lack, and which Sam Jones has never let me forget as she ended up stuffing 52.5 of our 54 pillows!)  Once we were done, our client truly appreciated what a difference the right pillow can make, and swore she would never buy another bad pillow again.

Our designers have found some great pillow vendors in the last year, and we have an abundance of styles that we’ve just received.  In honor of this unusual time we’re going through, we are putting our pillows on sale this week, all for 25% off! 

Plus, with Marlon at the wheel of our Van Go delivery van, we are able to deliver to you free of charge if you live within the greater Atlanta area*. 

Our designers are busy working remotely, so If you are need of a little pillow therapy, take a picture of your sofa or bed, a picture of the room and send it to our designers at design@huffharrington.com.


We’ve got hundreds of styles that we work with and we’ll come up with suggestions that may not even be on our website.

 So if you’re like me and you have made countless trips to Goodwill over the years to dump too skimpy, too thin, too much animal print, too small, too many, too uncomfortable, too cheap and too light pillows from poor choices in the past, then this may be your lucky time to pack your biggest ever pillow punch!

Ta ta,


* Our Van Go delivery service will cover Atlanta, Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Marietta and Dunwoody areas.

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