Missing the Huffing'tons

Over the years since we've had Huff Harrington Fine Art and Huff Harrington Home, we've always gotten a giggle when people mistook our business name as "Huffington." Actually, we thought it was a great combo of Huff and Harrington and we liked it so much that we jokingly started calling our employees "Huffingtons".

(A dear lawyer friend suggested we add an apostrophe so we don't get confused with the other big Huffington that's out there so we came up with Huffing'ton.)

Really missing this pretty corner of Huff Harrington Home right now.

Right now, we're really, really missing our darling Huffing'tons.  We're missing the morning chatter as the store comes to life. We're missing the ooohs and ahhhhhs that we hear when boxes of merchandise are opened. We're missing the magic of gorgeous merchandising and the clever ways the Huffing'tons fill our space. We're missing our friendly clients' faces.  

All dressed up and behaving nicely. The Huffing'tons.

Clowning around with the Huff'ingtons. We were modeling our new French straw hats for an Insta story.  This feels like a hundred years ago, but it was in early March.

Over at the gallery, we're missing our art hanging sessions with Linda and Mac and brainstorming sessions when Mac comes up with ten incredible ideas we simply can't pass up. We miss our fabulous playlists that range from bossanova to Hall and Oates (when Linda's in charge.)

We wouldn't be anywhere without this group of enthusiastic, generous, kind, gracious, hard-working people.  They make our days so full and fun - and they're the ones giving us the inspiration and strength to get though all of this.  

If you've been to the store or gallery, you've probably met all the Huffing'tons, but in case you're missing them as much as we are, here's a little re-introduction to a couple of them (and stay tuned as we pepper these intros into our blog in the next couple weeks.)

First up is Alva Harper, our cool-headed and elegant store manager:

Here's Alva a couple years ago on a trip to the Holy Land. She was supposed to go to Scotland this month but that has been postponed for a bit.

Hometown:  Birmingham, Alabama  (Roll Tide!)

Favorite places I have lived: 1) Manhattan  2) Fairfield County, CT 3) Bay Area, San Francisco 4) Atlanta

Favorite store in Atlanta: Back in the day when I actually went shopping, I loved Acquisitions and just wandering all of Miami Circle.

Best entertaining tip:  Bring together a congenial mix of guests with beautiful, healthy food, excellent and plentiful wine, flowers everywhere and lively conversation!  And you will have a great party!

Alva has great taste and this is the kind of beautiful arrangement she'd casually whip up for an evening with friends. (image from Boxwoods)

Best design tip:  Live with what you love and  the rest will follow.

My style:  A little French, a little English, some travel finds and lots of eclecticism.

We can picture Alva enjoying this pretty Paris apartment.

Favorite space in my home:  I have an open plan living room, dining room, kitchen.  That is my favorite space because most of my art is located there. It is such a joy to look at artwork over and over and see something new every time.

Atlanta is…a beautiful, vibrant, fun city, which I love to call home.

All the things Alva loves, from chic entertaining and decor to Scots in kilts.

Bingeworthy:  Watching Jamestown right now.  Just started last week and am in first season.  I am not sure how historically correct it may be, but it is a good story and great entertainment.

Reading faves:  Just finished Hilary Mantle's The Mirror and The Light.  It is the final book in her trilogy of Thomas Cromwell.  The others were Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies.  She won the Booker Award for these.  if you enjoy reading about
English history, particularly the Tudors, this trilogy is a must.

In another lifetime:  I traveled to Scotland, fell through some stones, woke up in 1743, and met an 18th century red-haired Scottish Highlander, who rarely wore a shirt, but usually wore a kilt---and the rest as they say, was history.

I unwind by:  No big surprise here---reading!

My Covid-19 silver lining is:  Getting back to Huff Harrington, all the wonderful Huffingtons and our lovely customers.

Thanks, Alva. Can't wait to open our doors again and welcome our dear friends, clients and, of course, our darling Huffing'tons.

Ta ta, everyone. Be well.

Meet Anne + Meg

What happens when two committed Francophiles, art lovers and design junkies get together over a bottle of red wine? A fine art gallery with a little je ne sais quoi is born, followed a few years later by its home furnishings and décor sibling.

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What happens when two committed Francophiles, art lovers and design junkies get together over a bottle of red wine? A fine art gallery with a little je ne sais quoi is born, followed a few years later by its home furnishings and décor sibling.

  • Who doesn’t love Alva. Quiet with a beautiful smile that invites you to shop but never crowds you. I loved her at Plantation House and love her at Huff. She is a gem.

    Breda Roberts
  • You always know it is going to be a good day when you walk in the front door and see Alva’s smiling face!


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