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We’re delighted to offer design services that include everything from enhancing an individual space to whole house makeovers. When you need help, call one of our Design Docs for an instant prognosis and a fast cure!

A lot of help

Need help feathering your nest?

We’re passionate about creating spaces that are comfortable, functional, and brimming with gorgeous details that reflect your own lifestyle and personality.

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A little help

Or a little help in a room or two?

We love re-imagining a space using existing furniture in a new layout. Add a few drop-dead fabulous accessories and well-placed art and your old room is suddenly new!

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How It Works

Step 1

Let's Talk!

Fill out our consultation form and we’ll follow up to chat about your project and budget, our fees, and the design process overall. If you’re local, we’ll also arrange a visit to your space.
Step 2


After chatting, we’ll send a detailed proposal addressing the scope of the project based on your design needs and a contract covering the nitty-gritties. (Fees are based on individual projects.)
Step 3

Design Plan

Then, we’ll roll up our sleeves to bring a little ooh-la-la into your home. Based on your input and our design expertise, we’ll create a custom design plan and finalize it together, tweaking as needed.
Step 4


Next, we’ll order, procure, and source all of the lovely items required for your design project. We’ll oversee the installation and, finally, welcome you back home to your new space.

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