Design Services

Meg Harrington's House Home

Need a little help feathering your nest? We’re delighted to offer design services that include everything from “fluffing” for a special occasion to whole house makeovers.

We’re lucky to have a secret weapon in our arsenal, designer Sam Jones.

STEP ONE: Sam will meet in your home to go over your needs and to establish a budget and game plan. Whether it’s a one-room makeover or a complete renovation, she can advise on just about everything: painting, upholstery, flooring, lighting, and anything in between.

STEP TWO: Don’t be surprised if she starts rearranging on her very first visit! Sam loves re-purposing pieces you already have, and we’ve never met anyone more hands-on or fast (she always says that her first and favorite place to shop is in your own home). After she's moved, pruned, and tweaked your existing furnishings, she’ll consult with you about the next design steps to achieve your desired outcome.

STEP THREE: Sam can work with you to complete the design project, from studs to finish, and won’t stop until she has helped you transform your house into a home!

The Nitty-Gritties

Our design services are $150.00 per hour with deliveries billed at $110.00 for larger pieces and movers. The great news is that anything purchased from Huff Harrington Home or Art comes with a nice little 10% discount.