Hand-crafted and curated at Huff Harrington

Hand-crafted and curated at Huff Harrington

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'Tis the season - and is there anything better than gifting a very special, handcrafted little something to your favorite peeps?  

Here at Huff Harrington, we spend the whole year searching for the handmade, curated and one-of-a-kind items that are guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's face - and this year has been a banner one for us.

Take a peek at some of our favorite pieces that are pulling at our heartstrings and guaranteed to delight your giftees on Christmas morning - or any time this holiday season:

Blessing beads from the Searcy Studio

Adorable MacKenzie Williams conjured up these pretty handmade beads when an aunt was going through a difficult time.  MacKenzie calls them "blessing beads" and they make a perfect gift at Christmastime - or for a wedding, christening or birthday gift.  And MacKenzie personalizes them so they're even more special. 

(Fun fact: MacKenzie's mother-in-law is our own darling Babs Williams!)

Free-form sculptural bowls

A recent find this year is local sculptor Libbie Rothschild. A mutual friend connected us - and we're so glad she did.

SCAD graduate Rothschild creates absolutely gorgeous, organic bowls and vessels that stopped us in our tracks the first time we saw them.  These make the perfect statement as a serving piece or just as a beautiful accessory anywhere in the house.

Libbie's bowls are free-form and inspired by nature. We love how organic they are.

Hand-painted ornaments and art by Helen Bolin

Our head buyer, Allison, brought Helen to us years ago - and it wouldn't be Christmas around the store without her gorgeous, handpainted ornaments and canvases.

Helen's trademark pale blue glazed ornaments are a staple here at Huff Harrington.

Metallic-painted canvases adorned with dove intaglios make perfect little gifts.

Original canvases, sized to slip under the tree

 For years, one of our favorite gifts to tuck under the tree has been diminutive little paintings that can end up on a bookshelf, in a cabinet or propped on a bedside table.  Look no further than our own Melissa Payne Baker, whose pretty small paintings always delight during the holiday season.


Huff Harrington artist Amy Dixon paints small canvases that feature colorful and abstracted crosses that symbolize strength and faith - and are a thoughtful gift any time of year.  We love them!

Swing by the store soon to snap up these sweet handcrafted happies for all the special people on your list - and watch their faces light up as they unwrap the perfect present that's carefully curated by the Huff Harrington team - and more important, made with love.

Ho ho ho!

(PS: please call us at 404.467.0311 to order or purchase these these handmade goodies. Our elves are always delighted to help.) 

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