Amy Dixon

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Dixon - Lyrical
Dixon - Lyrical $5,600.00
+ Close-up
Dixon - Le Minagerie Firenze
Dixon - Le Minagerie Firenze $5,200.00
+ Close-up
Kitchen Table Talk
Kitchen Table Talk $2,100.00
+ Close-up
Dixon - Bergere
Dixon - Bergere $1,900.00
+ Close-up

Dixon- No Excuse Needed
Dixon- No Excuse Needed $1,000.00
+ Close-up
Dixon - Liquid Assets
Dixon - Liquid Assets $950.00
+ Close-up
Green Martini
Green Martini $900.00
+ Close-up
Silver Oak
Silver Oak $900.00
+ Close-up

Dixon - Secrets
Dixon - Secrets $850.00
+ Close-up
Grand Marnier
Grand Marnier $850.00
+ Close-up
Dixon - Quiet
Dixon - Quiet $750.00
+ Close-up
Dixon - Perennials
Dixon - Perennials $750.00
+ Close-up

Dixon - Magnolias
Dixon - Magnolias $750.00
+ Close-up
Dixon- Eiffel Joy No.1
Dixon- Eiffel Joy No.1 $485.00
+ Close-up
Dixon- Reward
Dixon- Reward $485.00
+ Close-up
Dixon- Eiffel No. 2
Dixon- Eiffel No. 2 $485.00
+ Close-up

Dixon- Eiffel No. 5
Dixon- Eiffel No. 5 $485.00
+ Close-up
Dixon- Eiffel Joy No.2
Dixon- Eiffel Joy No.2 Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up
Dixon- Eiffel No. 1
Dixon- Eiffel No. 1 Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up
Dixon- Eiffel No. 3
Dixon- Eiffel No. 3 Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up

Dixon- Eiffel No. 4
Dixon- Eiffel No. 4 Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up
Dixon- Pop the Question
Dixon- Pop the Question Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up
Dixon - Mysteries
Dixon - Mysteries Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up
Veuve and Groove
Veuve and Groove Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up

About the artist

Amy Dixon’s loose, spontaneous canvases are full of life, energy and a glorious palette that warm the soul. Mostly her paintings convey this artist’s infectious joie de vivre and the pure and simple expressions of her creative soul. 

Her energetic brushwork results in many applications of paint are drippingly layered, etched, opaque in some places and translucent in others. “I am constantly thinking about the language of color and how it expresses the energy and spontaneity behind my work,” Dixon tells us. Her passion for art is reflected in her paintings which are a response to her intuitive and impulsive need to create.

Dixon is outgoing and effusive about her work and we love the rambling descriptions and inspirations she sends us.  One such communication discussed  her use of “dump color”, her own term for a surprise shot of color in her work, for example, a jolt of yellow in an otherwise more sober palette. It’s easy to be caught up in her enthusiasm of the places she loves, such as Venice, where she told us “the whole city seems to be moored on a sea of timeless beauty.”

Southwestern Art Magazine described Dixon’s joyful paintings as a result of a “direct observation of everyday life and a keen sense of what will work on canvas fuel her passion for exploring fresh subjects as well as revisiting old favorites. The work is about color, immediacy and an emotional response to the world around her. Inspiration is drawn from paying attention to the moment and recognizing ideas that connect with the soul… color, form, mood, light, music, conversation, dreams... her art reflects something from deep within the soul.“

Dixon, who now resides in Colorado with her family (including, according to her, a very spoiled Golden Retriever), was born in Monroe, Louisiana and attended Newcomb College of Tulane Univeristy. Post-graduate study was completed in Florence, Italy and Dixon’s innate talent was honed at workshops with Wolf Kahn and Kim English.