A new show at Huff Harrington Fine Art opens Friday!

A new show at Huff Harrington Fine Art opens Friday!

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Hope you can join us this coming Friday, October 18th at the gallery as we introduce gorgeous new work from a very talented quartet of gentlemen artists.

Our show, Manifest (get it?!) features pieces from Craig Mooney, Brad Robertson, Charles Ross and Jim Seitz, all artists who have been with Huff Harrington for years.  They are undoubtedly masters of their craft and the paintings are universally beautifully composed and elegantly painted.

Meet Craig Mooney, whose paintings of magical skies, verdant lands and shimmery waterways have had us oohing and ahhing for years.  Craig's best known as a representational artist but we love the subtle abstract elements in his large and light-filled paintings.  We're pulled to the dreamy, atmospheric qualities of his work and of course, his soft-as-air palette that makes the paintings simply sing.

Craig was born and raised in the heart of midtown Manhattan and his roots in art go back to his youth. To him, the city was an endless source of inspiration from an early age. Even though Craig took art classes in both in high school and college, he regards this early exposure as the truest form of training he ever received.

Take a peek at a little sample of Craig's work that will be hanging on our walls (click the paintings for links):

Next up, say hello to Brad Robertson.  Born and raised in the coastal Southeast, Brad paints with a distinctive style that wanders beautifully across layers of color and texture - just as your eye might wander along the horizon, looking out across the water and into the depths of a Gulf Coast sunset. Brad looks for innovative ways to combine color and texture to create multi-layered shorelines, endless horizons and seeming portals of bold color. "I want my paintings to give the impression of looking out into the distance but looking further than what’s in front of you," Brad says. 

Our collectors and clients have loved Brad's work for years - and can you blame them? Here's a peek:

Charles Ross is another painter whose work has hung at the gallery for years.  His sophisticated palette, elegant composition and calming use of white space results in paintings that literally fly off the walls and into the homes of delighted clients. His subtle palette and pared-down subject matter make for interesting and dynamic paintings that are full of quiet energy and sophisticated composition.

Ross puts in long days as a dedicated painter pursuing his passions fulltime. He has studios in the Midwest and in Florida. An earlier career in advertising, serving in roles from art director to TV producer, have provided a strong practical foundation to interpret the human condition and its daily goings on.

Jim Seitz, a gentleman in the truest sense of the word, has legions of fans here at Huff Harrington. After a long corporate career, Jim is now painting full time and the results are pure magic.

While influenced by various favorite 19th century landscape artists, Jim paints  tonal, minimalist representations of his subject matter. Less becomes more.  He applies gold or silver leaf over heavily textured canvas for a subtle gleam that is his instantly recognizable signature style.

Can't you see why we're so excited to open this show? It's going to be a lovely evening - we'll have our usual sips and nibbles - and we'll happily celebrating the hard work, unmistakable talents and professionalism of these four talented fellows.

Do join us!

Ta ta.



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