Brad Robertson

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Robertson - Verdant
Robertson - Verdant $5,700.00
+ Close-up
Robertson - Sea Breeze
Robertson - Sea Breeze $5,700.00
+ Close-up
Robertson - Vaguely
Robertson - Vaguely $5,300.00
+ Close-up
Robertson - Changing Course
Robertson - Changing Course $4,600.00
+ Close-up

Robertson - Sand Dunes
Robertson - Sand Dunes $3,500.00
+ Close-up
Robertson - Glimpse
Robertson - Glimpse $3,500.00
+ Close-up
Robertson - Salty Air
Robertson - Salty Air $3,500.00
+ Close-up
Longitude $3,500.00
+ Close-up

Robertson - High Seas
Robertson - High Seas $2,800.00
+ Close-up
Robertson - With the Tide
Robertson - With the Tide $2,800.00
+ Close-up
Robertson - Salt Water II
Robertson - Salt Water II $2,450.00
+ Close-up
Robertson - Salt Water I
Robertson - Salt Water I $2,450.00
+ Close-up

Field of Vision
Field of Vision $1,300.00
+ Close-up
Robertson - Seafoam
Robertson - Seafoam Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up
Robertson - Resolution
Robertson - Resolution Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up

About the artist

Born and raised in coastal Alabama, Brad Robertson paints with a distinctive style that invites the mind to wander across layers of color and texture as the eye might wander along the horizon, looking out across the water and into the depths of a Gulf Coast sunset. Robertson aims to evoke the eternal, looking for innovative ways to combine color and texture to create multi-layered shorelines, endless horizons and seeming portals of bold color. A direct expression of the landscape he calls home, he views every piece as a part of him.

Brad says: "My work starts with unanswered questions. I want my paintings to give the impression of looking out into the distance but looking further than what’s in front of you. I have spent more than a decade working to find innovative ways to combine color and texture to capture a sense of endlessness and the eternal. My aim is always to express a feeling more than a physical object.

My art is the one thing that allows me to express myself. But there’s still an element of mystery to it. It begins as an expression of my own life and my own experience but it’s not until people look at my paintings and are able to define them in their own terms that I feel like my work has accomplished its purpose."