Jim Seitz

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Seitz - Illusion
Seitz - Illusion $6,750.00
+ Close-up
Seitz - Sanctuary in the Rain
Seitz - Sanctuary in the Rain Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up
Seitz - Until Tomorrow
Seitz - Until Tomorrow Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up
Seitz - Time Traveler
Seitz - Time Traveler Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up

Seitz - Early Riser
Seitz - Early Riser Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up
Seitz- Lost in the Clouds
Seitz- Lost in the Clouds Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up
Seitz- Journey to Tomorrow
Seitz- Journey to Tomorrow Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up
Seitz- Field of Dreams
Seitz- Field of Dreams Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up

Seitz - Stroll Thru Time
Seitz - Stroll Thru Time Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up
Seitz - Happy Hour
Seitz - Happy Hour Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up
Seitz - A Sliver of Time
Seitz - A Sliver of Time Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up
Seitz - Hope and Desire
Seitz - Hope and Desire Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up

Seitz - Summer Bliss
Seitz - Summer Bliss Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up
Seitz - Never Enough
Seitz - Never Enough Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up
Seitz - Edge of Day
Seitz - Edge of Day Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up

About the artist

Jim Seitz was born in Chicago and currently resides in the New Orleans area. He grew up in Texas and graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree. He began showing talent and love for art as a young child, becoming more serious during his college years. During the time he worked for the university, providing medical illustrations for the Science Department,

He has traveled extensively throughout his life, living for several years in the Middle East, before moving to South East Asia. His travel experiences have included everything from cave explorations in the mountains of Iran to working in the jungles of New Guinea and Borneo. His preferred medium during that time was ink and watercolor, as it was easy to transport to and from remote locations.

While influenced by various 19th century landscape artists, Jim has developed a unique technique characterized by tonal, minimalist representation of his subject matter. Through this approach, less becomes more. His appreciation for color and his creative perspective lend to pieces that are traditional, moving to abstract. His utilization of gold leaf applied over heavy textured canvas and then glazed with multiple layers of acrylics provides an effect that is quickly becoming this artist’s signature style.

Jim’s work has been broadly displayed, and hangs in private and corporate collections both at home and abroad.