Stick + Ball and S. Carter Designs

Stick + Ball and S. Carter Designs

We often joke, when we hear about companies that have earned their private jets by manufacturing dishwasher parts or stone sealer, that we’re in the wrong business, and we wonder why we do what we do!  And then there’s that little voice, which may lack reason but always tells the truth when it whispers,  “It’s all about passion, stupid!”   

Our business is fueled by passion:  Passion for art, for home furnishings, décor, travel, interior design and – as in the tagline that developed for our brand – all the things we love. 

Passion is what drives us to work the hours we do, to eat, breathe and sleep our business and to hire and work with people who are fueled by the same energy.  It’s addictive, it’s contagious, it’s not always lucrative but it’s what keeps us going.  And it’s always something we’re on the lookout for when we source products for our store. 

That’s what brings us to the two entrepreneurs whose unique brands will be featured this week in a trunk show at Huff Harrington Home.  Their products complement each other beautifully and each one has a story that starts with passion:

Elizabeth Goodwin Welborn of Stick + Ball

 For Stick & Ball, a luxurious apparel and lifestyle brand, the passion comes from polo and the rolling hills of California, Argentina and the Andes.  The brand embodies casual elegance made from quality materials that transcend seasons and transition easily from day to evening. The Stick & Ball Poncho is their signature piece, which we will be featuring during the trunk show.  These luxurious, hand knitted and woven pieces can be worn anywhere from the countryside to the city and everywhere in between. Original, thoughtful designs are matched with superior hand craftsmanship and the finest fibers in hand-sewn alpaca blankets, leather belts, embroidered socks, and other fun, equestrian-inspired pieces.

But Stick & Ball is a lot more than clothing … it’s a brand fueled by passion. Founder and Creative Director, Elizabeth Goodwin Welborn lives the authentic, daily life of her equestrian, country polo-inspired brand.  Elizabeth became an active polo player in the rolling hills of Sonoma and Marin Counties where the cow pastures, dairy farms, old barns, wild turkeys, and horse paddocks in her own backyard reminded her so much of the South American landscape that she had come to love in her travels. Through this experience Elizabeth's vision for a global, polo-inspired brand was born. Ponchos, knitted berets, espadrilles, cowboys boots, Latin, country and bluegrass music, Argentine asados and BBQs and one of the most thrilling team sports in the world all combine to create an atmosphere of on-field and field-side living that is both convivial and inspiring.


We became obsessed with Stick & Ball as we learned more about its single focus and the passion that has fueled the brand.  There is a wonderful interview with Elizabeth Goodwin Welborn on a website for entrepreneurs called Alice.  What caught my attention especially was this quote from Elizabeth: 

“Don’t just start a company to solve a problem – start something you are passionate about.  You will need passion to fuel your energy to keep going.”  Salud to that, Elizabeth!

For S. Carter Designs, the passion comes from the wild and exotic.  This line of one-of-a-kind jewelry pairs natural elements found in nature’s rugged elements with diamonds and 14k gold.  It’s this ying and yang, or the marriage of organic and glam that makes S. Carter’s designs so unique and original.  Handcrafted, heirloom pieces will elevate jeans and a T-shirt to high elegance or provide the perfect twist to an evening gown.  It’s all about the creative, intentional mix … and that’s something that we embody wholeheartedly at Huff Harrington.  

Mother-Daughter duo Sally and Sarah Hovis of S. Carter Designs (photo by Catrina Maxwell for Style Blueprint) 

S. Carter Designs is the creative brainchild of the mother/daughter design duo Sally Evans Hovis and Sarah Hovis Olsen.  Like so many other entrepreneurial scenarios, the company was started by accident.

In her first job out of college, Sarah was working retail and she asked to borrow a friend’s necklace that was made of gold plate and featured a resin tusk.  “But," she says, “I was allergic to it. So, I made one with all-natural products, a leather chain with a real tusk. Everyone wanted to buy one from me, so the business started from there. Then Mom started helping me out, and in 2011 my dad sat me down and basically said now was time to do this full time. Mom was willing to work full time with me, we had a lot of interest … so we did it!”  (Read more of this interview by Lisa Graves in Style Blueprint,  right here.)

Allison, our jewelry buyer, had been eyeing S. Carter designs for years when she had a chance meeting with Sarah while they were both vacationing at Alys Beach. " I was drawn to S Carter for their unique and edgy statement pieces that are so easy to wear and complete a simple outfit. I told her we would die to have her line at Huff Harrington and to please call me if that was possible. She did and we’re now going on two years representing her line!"  Allison loves how S. Carter sources unique and unusual pieces that you won’t see anywhere else. Her favorites are the  matte horn collar with rosecut diamonds and new feather line.

S. Carter Designs Vertebrae Diamond Hoop Earrings

With names like Vertebrae Diamond Hoop and Moonstone and Feather, S. Carter designs embodies the mix of high and low, organic and elegant, crunchy and classy that we adore.  One more reason why we think that a trunk show combining two vendors who embody the passion that we look for in all our products is such a natural fit.

We hope you'll join us for the trunk show this week, Wednesday and Thursday, from 11 to 5 and come see for yourselves what we're so excited about!  
Ta ta!


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