Why we love this painting by Jim Seitz

Why we love this painting by Jim Seitz

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We're so thrilled that spring is springing and it's about to be the most glorious time of year right here in our little corner of Atlanta.  All kinds of good things are happening, from favorite holidays and celebrations to vaccines to new arrivals at Huff Harrington Home and Huff Harrington Fine Art.  What's not to be optimistic and hopeful about?

The gallery is a revolving door these days with clients, customers, designers and art-lovers popping in and out to see what's hanging.  I, for one, can't seem to take my eyes off this stunningly elegant piece, painted by one of our favorite artists, Jim Seitz.

This masterpiece of serenity and calmness was probably no easy to feat to create, but Jim makes it look effortless with his fluid brush strokes and beautiful treatment of light.

While influenced by various favorite 19th-century landscape artists, Jim is best-known for his tonal, minimalist representations of his subject matter. Less becomes more.  He applies gold or silver leaf over heavily textured canvas for a subtle gleam that is his instantly recognizable signature style.

Here's why we love this particular painting:

The way you are led into the painting: the wide open swath of golden-hued foreground narrows at the back of the painting, where a shimmer of hopeful light awaits. What is that light? Is it a beam of sunshine filtering through the clouds? Is it a small body of sun-kissed water?  It feels welcoming and safe to me - and the viewer in me wants to explore it.

A close-up of the mysterious, alluring light at the "back" of the painting. (This would be a great painting on its own.)

The foreground envelopes me in a golden haze: I love the way Jim has painted the foreground in his signature gold leaf.  It feels like a lovely golden meadow, gently framed by foliage or trees that provide a perfect contrast and draw you into the painting.

That sky: Jim's a superstar when it comes to capturing the essence of clouds, air and light.  His skies are always incredibly layered and dimensional and remarkably true-to-life. In this case, the filtered light suggests a mist lifting off the meadow or a recent downpour that's moving away.  I feel so much movement in this sky - it's one of those turbulent days when the weather can't decide what it wants to do.  Misty, drizzly, a little humid - all with the possibility of sun splashing through to clear the atmosphere.

A close-up of the sky: loaded with texture from Jim's prepping, priming and underpainting.  These are steps you can never underestimate.

This painting makes me feel..: as we're always saying, art is completely and 100% subjective to the viewer.  Our job as gallerists is educate and inform but in the end, it's up to you to form your own opinions and to react to a painting in your own way.  I tend to be completely emotional and usually trust my initial gut reaction - if I love it, I will continue to explore it visually.  And you know it's a love-match when you can't stop thinking about it.

This painting, from the very get-go, fills me with so much emotion, hope, peace, serenity and calmness.  I want to dive into those clouds. I want to run across the meadow to see what that light is.  I can practically feel the mist on my face and I'm filled with optimism that the sun is about to come out and set the whole painting ablaze with light.

Where to hang it? we're big believers in hanging your art in places where you'll see it frequently.  In this case, I'd love to hang this painting in a room I use a lot.  If the room had a lot of windows, that would be fine because this piece acts like a window for me - a glimpse of beautiful nature and sky.

And I'm not the only one who loves this piece:

Ann: I love this painting for its layers of complexity: there’s overall luminosity combined with evocativeness, enshrouded in a veiled layer of mystery.  And yet, at its very simplest core, it is just a peaceful place for the eye and the soul to rest, and never tire of.  That’s the magic of a wonderful artist like Jim Seitz.

Linda: this gorgeous painting evokes memories of walking in the early morning hours across an open field with dew on the grass giving it that shimmering quality that the gold leaf represents.  The real star are the mountains in the background which rise up over the trees drawing me toward them even though remaining far off in the distance as if a mirage.

Mac:  I adore Jim's minimalist approach to landscapes.  Less is more in the loveliest way and the absence of fussiness allows his stellar technique to sing.  Quietly sophisticated and glaringly thoughtful, his work, and this piece in particular, is the perfect marriage of drama and tranquility.

Did we mention that Jim is also the most kind, most genuine gentlemen we have ever met?  Along with his beautiful and talented interior designer wife, Connie, they are quite the couple - oozing with sophistication and a wonderful sense of fun. 

We've got this beauty at the gallery so pop by and see it in person or right here, along with more of Jim's elegant paintings, like these:

 Whispers of Tomorrow, 48 x 48

Hide and Seek (diptych) 36 x 72

We love hanging Jim's work over at Huff Harrington Home - it complements our interiors perfectly and we can't even begin to tell you how many of his paintings have found happy homes from Home. Here's a glimpse at some of our favorites vignettes, starring Jim's paintings:




A lovely installation by one of our favorite Atlanta designers, Jessica Bradley.

We hope Jim's work fills you with all the good feelings we have when we feast our eyes on his pieces - and happy Spring from all of us to you.

Ta ta. 

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