What's New!

What's New!

I took a quick trip to NYC this past week, and while I was away, Trudy, our head designer at Huff Harrington Design, led the Huff’ington charge to flip the store and bring on some spring. It was fun to see the flip in action as I kept getting pinged with exciting updates. They all worked like dogs, moving furniture, bringing in new pieces, setting up vignettes, hanging new art and fluffing tabletop to the point where I barely recognized the store when I returned.  With Easter around the corner, Spring has sprung at Huff Harrington Home and I see this feast for the eyes as just one more shot of hope (pun intended) that we all need right now!

So what’s new?

Our tabletop offerings are complemented with statement vases and decorative flowers

We're anticipating lots of porch dining and have everything from the table and chairs
glasses, serve-ware and votives, all appropriate for the outdoors.
I'm crazy about these organic vases
And thrilled with all the new pillows displayed on our newly upholstered vintage wicker settee (that we bought it in Italy!).
We have introduced lots of organic texture 
to mix with more formal pieces
And we've brought in some beautifully refinished antiques, like this Louis XVI commode with white marble top
and some other French antiques with just the right soupcon of patina.
Easter is just around the corner and nothing says it better than this display of hand painted, one-of-a-kind ceramic eggs
Or this beautiful Sarah Stewart handbag with its edgy striped strap!
Allison went to town buying some colorful springy pyjama's
And these charming colorful toiletry kits that are as pretty as they are functional (ask her about the "stackables" - so practical!).

We have more of our best selling acrylic frames (remember these are the ones with magnets that you can mount vertically or horizontally)

And brand new scents and packaging for one of our favorite candle lines from Linnea's Lights (I am addicted to Sea Salt!)
Meg found these hand crafted soaps and fell in love with the scents, the packaging and especially the purity of the ingredients
And we recently discovered this beautiful line of journals from an Australian artist who set out to create a meaningful way to capture her Mother's memories.

Happy Spring, to us all!

Who's new?

We're thrilled to welcome Jill McKenzie to Huff Harrington Home. Jill was raised in retail in Indianapolis, where she learned the ropes from her parents’ Scandinavian imports store.  In addition to learning the business at a young age, Jill says she grew up appreciating the art of the mix, in a house that blended mid-century modern furniture with traditional original art borrowed from the Indianapolis Museum of Art. 

Jill is married to the artist Steve McKenzie, and has spent her career working in retail and design.  She comes to us with a keen appreciation for art, a great eye for design, strong management skills and abundant connections to the interior design and home furnishings industries.  We're so excited to have her on the team!

We also realize that during the pre-Christmas rush, we never had the chance to fully introduce two other newbies who have each contributed so much to the Huff'ington family:

You may recognize Terry Kilborn's creativity and workmanship if you've bought some of her luscious linen paneled pillows from us over the years.  When we managed to lure her to Huff Harrington Home, we knew that Terry was an accomplished entrepreneur and proven sales person with impeccable taste; but we didn't realize how lucky we were to also get a computer whiz with strong organizational skills to boot!

Cindy Harper joins the ranks of Linda, Rhys, Susie and Alva as the fifth Huff'ington to come to us from the airline industry!  Cindy flew with Delta for 35 years before she retired last May.  We are grateful to Delta for training the best, and happy to have Cindy on board with us as another friendly, helpful and welcoming sales associate.

 What's new and "improved?"

Finally, just like many businesses before us, we have been undergoing the somewhat painful transition to a new software program for Huff Harrington Home.  We're on week three now, and as Meg says, we've just had to rip off the band aid and deal with the pain!  We want to thank our customers who have patiently waited as we've struggled through the quirks of the transition.  Although we're all excited about new and improved, sometimes new alone just isn't so easy!  The good news is that it will be better for us and better to serve you ... once we get through this.  Thank you, friends, as always.

Ta ta,





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