What's trending for 2021

What's trending for 2021

The blogosphere and Insta are all a-buzz right now with everyone's predictions of what the hot design trends will be in 2021 - and it's running the gamut from an explosion of "grannie chic" interiors to rich earth tones everywhere to the demise of the open floorplan.  One of our favorite recaps came the other day from Joni at Cote de Texas and we literally inhaled her forecast for 2021's ins and outs. 

Cote de Texas predicts no end in sight for "grandmillenial" decorating, which goes heavy on blue and white. Here's a great example from Mark D. Sikes and his room at the 2020 Kips Bay Dallas showhouse.

We're not so much about forecasting the 2021 trends but rather incorporating the design elements we love in our retail store and in the projects our designers work on.  Three of our favorite longtime buzzwords that we'll be using in 2021 and beyond:  mix it up, keep it pretty and don't forget original art.

The magic of the mix

We love the magic of the mix.  It's unexpected, fresh and fun.  The pairing of ying and yang in a space keeps it interesting, personal and collected. We're talking a beautiful 18th century Louis XVI walnut commode paired with sculptural, modern lamps or a funky, modern chair nestled up to a crunchy pair of trumeau mirrors.  Our buying trips to France are perfect opportunities to soak up le mix - it's a look the French have perfected over the centuries.  

A bleached walnut 19th century commode from France is paired with new, modern lamps and a crunchy old portrait. 

We can't resist a modern, clean-lined occasional chair and love to mix and match them with antique and vintage pieces.

Seen at the store:  a vignette featuring antique trumeaux, sconces from the 1940s and a brand new coffee table. Oh, and a fabulous abstract painting by Charles Ross.


For a Paris apartment renovation, Ann mixed it up big time: a 1960s sleek brass and glass console works perfectly with a gorgeous 19th century mirror, a vintage black painted commode and abstract art.

A glorious mix up at Huff Harrington Home  Shop the 18th century commode right here!

Keep it pretty

When Ann and I first opened Huff Harrington Home, we kept saying to ourselves "we just want it to be pretty" and that's "pretty" much been our benchmark ever since.  To us, pretty doesn't mean fussy or overdone, it means pleasing to the eye and all elements in harmony with each other. 

We've all spent so much time at home in the last year.  The take away? We want simplicity in our homes: interiors that are warm, inviting, functional (and pretty) with comfortable and good-looking upholstery;  thoughtfully placed and curated accessories and pleasing, flattering paint colors.  

Designer Beth Webb designed this simple and serene bedroom. Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles, photo by Emily Followill.

One of our projects from 2020

Whatever Suzanne Kasler touches is magic.  

Don't forget the original art

Since we own a fine art gallery, it's no secret that we're partial to beautifully painted, original art.  Once you add original art to a space, you'll never go back, we promise. Art is soulful, inspiring and soothing - and irreplaceable.

A fantastical figurative painting by GeeGee Collins takes center stage at our space at the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Home for the Holidays showhouse.  We also zhushed up the mix here: new sleek velvet ottomans under a vintage console from France, a gorgeous 19th century barometer - all with a funky metal drinks table and modern table lamps.


A dramatic abstract by Charles Ross anchors this sexy sitting area.


Intuitive Dwellings recently used an abstract from Lily Harrington and several vintage paintings to create this totally yummy vignette at the 2020 Serenbe Designers Showhouse. The art shines! (Altanta Homes and Lifestyles, Jeff Herr photography.)


 A lovely quiet entrance where a dramatic painting anchors the space.

And yes, you can even place your original art outside, like we did at the 2019 Southeastern Designer Showhouse:

Our little crystal balls says....

In 2021, we think we'll continue to see:  creative and functional home offices; wonderful exterior spaces; warm interior hues; plenty of natural and organic materials and textures; comfy and oversized upholstery and floorplans that favor more singular spaces.   We'll see spaces designed to nurture and surround us with beauty and comfort and homes that provide a warm and welcoming environment.

We really don't have that magic crystal ball so we'd love to hear what your favorite trends and forecasts are for 2021.  Drop us a comment and let us know and in the meantime, we hope your home is your own wonderful haven.

Ta ta.


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