Dawne Raulet

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Dawne Raulet-Cow
Dawne Raulet-Cow $3,400.00
+ Close-up
Dawne Raulet-Mother's Love
Dawne Raulet-Mother's Love $3,400.00
+ Close-up
Dawne Raulet - Zebra III
Dawne Raulet - Zebra III $4,600.00
+ Close-up
Dawne Raulet - La Girafe
Dawne Raulet - La Girafe Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up

Dawne Raulet - Water Buck
Dawne Raulet - Water Buck Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up
Dawne Raulet - Cheetah
Dawne Raulet - Cheetah $1,500.00
+ Close-up
Dawne Raulet - Zebra II
Dawne Raulet - Zebra II $2,600.00
+ Close-up
Dawne Raulet - Chickadee
Dawne Raulet - Chickadee Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up

Dawne Raulet - Sheep
Dawne Raulet - Sheep Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up
Dawne Raulet - Lioness
Dawne Raulet - Lioness Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up
Dawne Raulet-Pas de Deux
Dawne Raulet-Pas de Deux $5,200.00
+ Close-up
Dawne Raulet - Lion
Dawne Raulet - Lion $3,200.00
+ Close-up

Dawne Raulet - Dash
Dawne Raulet - Dash $4,700.00
+ Close-up
Dawne Raulet - Fawn
Dawne Raulet - Fawn Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up

About the artist

Stockbroker turned artist Dawne Raulet stumbled into painting when she least expected it. Frazzled by a fulltime financial career and two small infants at home and in desperate need of a quick weekend break, Dawne atteneded a watercolor workshop. "I realized afterwards that for an entire two-hour period, I had been completely focused on that peaceful watercolor we were painting. It was then that art became my sanctuary and I’ve been obsessed with painting ever since."
Here at Huff Harrington, we’re obsessed with Dawne’s work, too and can’t get enough of her simply rendered, but powerful, images of animals. Her graceful treatment of horses, sheep, birds and cows elevates these humble creatures to elegant and mesmerizing heights. And, it’s not just animals that fall under her spell: she’s done landscapes, flora and fauna and even flirty, stylized dresses.
Dawne’s current body of work is made up of mixed media, wax and photography all harmonizing beautifully on the canvas and panels she paints on. She won’t tell us all her little secrets (even after we begged) but she did say that she photographs her four-legged subjects herself and then transforms them with acrylic, wax and other unnamed materials. 
"I suppose I’m what you’d call a self-taught artist mainly because I have yet to commit the time to formal art classes or training," Dawne says. "I began with watercolors and from there moved to acrylics and oils. By experimenting in each medium, I have developed my personal style and techniques."