We came, we saw...and we loved all the trends at Market

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We were off to Market this past week, keeping our eyes peeled and our antenna up for all that is new, beautiful and different.

We walked and walked and walked (about four to six miles a day, to be precise!) and we’re happy to say, Market didn’t disappoint.  While there was tons of eye candy to oogle in person, many of our vendors were pulling their hair out in frustration with the darn supply chain.  That's when iPhone, iPads and computers were whipped out for easy and handy digital presentations. It's not quite the same thing as seeing pieces in person, but that's kind of the new norm anyway these days.

There was a lot to look at, that's for sure. New trends we saw and looks that are here to stay? Here’s our take:

Textural and organic vases and accessories: we can't get enough of all things crunchy, crusty, organic and natural.  We're seeing this trend across every category, from decorative accessories and furniture to holiday decor.

Curvy furniture and lots of boucle: we first saw this trend a couple years ago in Paris and it’s finally making headway here in the U.S. A little goes a long way, but curves and texture are sexy and fun.

Rattan:  rattan is everywhere and it’s better than ever.  We love seeing classic shapes and forms redone in sassy rattan. It's fun, light-hearted and doesn't take itself too seriously.

Blue and white porcelain:  it's basically a classic! It's not going anywhere and still as gorgeous as ever in all its interpretations.

Neutrals: be still, our hearts! If you know Huff Harrington, you know we love nothing more than soft shades of silver, gold, gray, cream and white.  We loved seeing neutrals everywhere from lighting to pottery to accessories.  Add some chunky texture to a neutral and now we're really drooling.

Black and white: like a little black dress, anything black and white is a classic that never, ever goes out of style.

Holiday:  (fun fact: did you know the best time to buy holiday decor is in January? Just when it's kind of the last thing you feel like looking at!)

Our favorite holiday takeaway was a completely neutral tree decked out in feathery swags and cream ornaments that would hold its own anywhere but especially at the beach or on the coast.

Next stop: Las Vegas! We can’t wait to surprise you with some of the goodies we uncovered, so stay tuned for fun new arrivals at Huff Harrington - and if you haven't visited us in our new location at the Galleries of Peachtree Hills (right next to ADAC), please come see us so we can give you the VIP tour.

Ta ta!

Here's what we loved at market:






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