Welcome to Huff Harrington's new home

Welcome to Huff Harrington's new home

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Dreams do come true - and a big dream of ours finally came true a couple months ago when Ann and I moved all three of our businesses into a single location.  

After years and years of having separate locations for our fine art and our home furnishings, imports and interior design, we hit the jackpot with a lovely new address for all things Huff Harrington.  

Welcome to our space at the elegant Galleries of Peachtree Hills, a French-inspired collection of stucco townhouses located right next door to ADAC.

Our chic new digs encompass 8,500 square feet on three levels, linked by an elevator and a spacious staircase.  Our home furnishings, decorative accessories and antiques hold court on the first floor with our fine art gallery on the second floor.  And the third floor holds our interior design business (and, if you can believe it, actual offices for Ann and me!  That's a big step up for us - we've gone from sharing a desk, to sharing a tiny little office to now our very own spots from which to conduct our daily business.)


There were so many reasons why we jumped at this opportunity:  for one, it puts all of our businesses under one roof which makes for easy, one-stop shopping for you.  There's plenty of parking which makes popping in and out a breeze - and, you can count on our new home being as warm and welcoming as we've ever been.

And if you haven't visited yet, wait till you see the space.  Its bones are stunning with soaring ceilings, beautiful details and a gorgeous, sunny exposure.  We added a little oooh-la-la with a cheetah runner winding up the impressive staircase and we've been channeling a chic and sassy vibe, with everything from drop dead gorgeous wallpaper in unexpected places to a sexy little bar that will be perfect for our gallery openings.

If you know us, we hope you'll be happy to know that our floors are still filled with a glorious mix of new and old (we're receiving a new container from France this week), sleek upholstery that's ready to go home with you and decorative accessories of all kinds.  The gallery, located on the sunny second floor, is so spacious and welcoming and our art has never looked so special. And our jewelry and boutique area remains a carefully curated treasure trove of hard-to-find items and gifts.

We can't wait to welcome you to our new digs and, in the meantime, we thank you for your support and friendship over the years. We’re ready for the next chapter in Huff Harrington’s life and hope you'll come along with us. 

Ta ta.

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