Paris Remodel - Armagnac

Paris Remodel - Armagnac


I’ll never forget how we found this apartment.  I was sitting at the Atlanta airport, waiting to board a plane to Maine for a little summer respite when we first spotted the real estate listing:  There was barely a description, no mention of the view, a picture of the outside of the building and just a few terrible pictures of the inside … but we knew:  That view!  We recognized the building, knew that it had to be on the 6th floor, acknowledged that this was one in a million and called our client to tell her.  By the time the plane landed in Portland, Maine, I looked at my phone and there was the confirmation:  The apartment was hers!

The renovation took longer than usual, because of Covid, and it was a long-distance challenge, because of Covid.  But the end result made it all worthwhile.  This little jewel sparkles with light, gleams from its 6th floor perch and seduces everyone who sees it.  Although petite, it thinks big because of the way it meanders and surprises at every turn.  We were lucky: A happy accident (that we hoped would happen) opened up a wall to a previously banned window, so that added one more opening on to the most iconic view in Paris.  And now from every corner of the apartment, from the kitchen to the bedroom, you just have to turn your head gently and you get … that view!

Sit back, relax and enjoy these photos by renowned photographer @georgiannalane.  And for more information about this apartment, and others like it, contact our friends @parisperfectrentals.





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