Up on the roof

Up on the roof

I I don't know about you, but I'm craving the outdoors right now.  Summer is here, it's hot and backyards, porches and patios are calling.  And while I love working from home (or at the store and the gallery, now that we're back open), I can't wait to hit our new roof top patio at the end of the day. 

I love how white and crisp this is. It's not a rooftop space, but it would translate well, don't you think? (source: Pinterest)

Since it's been so crazy since we moved in, we haven't done too much fluffing on the roof. Instead, we're paying attention to how we use the space and figuring out from there what we need to make it as comfortable, chic and welcoming as we can.  We're not quite ready for fancy photography, so here are some of my favorite inspiration photos that have me happily dreaming:

The ultimate roof top terrace view: Manhattan. (Elle Decor, Joshua McHugh)

Have a seat

Our seating requirements?  The roof (quickly nicknamed the Hot Tin Roof) isn't very large, measuring about 18' x 18'.  So space is limited.  For seating, we just want enough for our family plus two - or a lovely little dinner party of six. (Remember lovely little dinner parties?!) We've found that two matching all-weather loveseats and two comfy armchairs (all in a crisp, climate-friendly fabric that is easily removable and washable) will do the trick - plus a couple fun occasional chairs just in case.  

Urban Grace


A serene spot for sitting. Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles. Photo: Brian Bieder

Put your feet up and stay a while...(design and photo: Truth and Co.)

Keep it shady

Our rooftop patio isn't covered so the sun beats down until about 4 p.m. and then, it's blissfully shaded.  We're liking the combo of two large umbrellas that provide a nice shady spot over our seating arrangement.

Plenty of shade for this pretty space (Southshore Decorating blog) Have you noticed how adorable umbrellas have gotten recently?

(source: the wellappointedhouse)

A built-in trellis is also a nice way to go.  Urban Grace

Al fresco is the way to go

We're firm believers that your outside space has to function just like an indoor space.  So, naturally, we need a spot to linger over summer meals.  Darling bistro chairs that are comfortable (and weather-proof) and an indestructible dining table are key components.

 How fresh is this space designed by Black Band Home and Design. (Photo by Ryan Garvin)

The outdoor grill is a nice perk. (At Home in Arkansas, photo: Rett Peek.)

Lots of green

It's amazing how a pretty planter or two can soften the edges, add a gorgeous pop of green (and whatever color you add from flowers) and bring a sense of nature to any space.  I like very clean-lined planters in a dark finish.  And for wide open walls on roof top patios, how about a tall trellis, covered in vines, for a dash of contrast?  

(Petit Haus blog)


This is so architectural and clean.  And, I'm crazy about anything green and white. (At Home in Arkansas, photo: Rett Peek.)

(At Home in Arkansas. Photo: Rett Peek.) 

Don't forget to accessorize!

It's not an outdoor space without lanterns and soft lighting.  Think string lights, candlelight and anything that's soft and ambient.

One of my favorite photos: impeccably designed by Melanie Turner. (Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles. Photo: Emily Followill)

(Domino. Photo: Christian Torres)

At the 2019 Southeastern Designer Showhouse, we had a delightful covered porch to design.  We treated exactly like an indoor room, even adding art.

And if your rooftop has a pretty little dipping pool, even better! (Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles. Photo: Brian Bieder.

What's your favorite summertime hang out spot? We'd love to know - and in the meantime, enjoy summertime safely and healthily wherever you are.

Ta ta.


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