Bringing the Beach Home this Fourth of July

Bringing the Beach Home this Fourth of July

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I love this image of my niece, Margaret, body-boarding on the Fourth of July in Maine.  It's the embodiment of independence, balance, strength, beauty and social distancing (although we didn't know the term back then) all rolled up into one very patriotic movement!

I can't think of a place that I'd rather be than to celebrate the 4th again this year with my family in Maine.  But just like the rest of us who won't be traveling much this summer, I'm grateful to be healthy, happy for some time off and eager to make the most of being at home.

So what's in store for a holiday weekend at home?

First, we'll watch the much anticipated premiere of the blockbuster musical, "Hamilton" streaming online on Disney Plus Friday evening.  What better way to kick off the weekend and honor our forefathers than to savor this amazing production?  

Like many others, we've been listening to the music all week in anticipation and our little family is planning its own private “Hamilfilm” viewing party. We've been salivating over Aaron Burr-gers, Freedom Fries,  BURR-itos, S’more Washington,  and LaFondue! (Thank you Twitter for some of these ideas!)

Hamilton Burr-ger and Freedom Fries (from my favorite Burger Place in town, Bocado)

What else is on the docket?  During our 2 months of sheltering at home, I rediscovered the mesmerizing pleasure of jigsaw puzzles.   While we won't be going to the beach any time soon, we did enjoy creating our own beach scene with a Gray Malin puzzle from the store -- for which I can take very little credit, as the sky and the sea exceeded my puzzle solving skills. (It turns out we aren't the only ones who found a renewed love of this art: We're all sold out at the store right now but will be hopefully getting more in soon!) 

The silver lining on the dearth of puzzles is that this one is reversible, so we can we plan to turn it over and start all over again!

It may not be a beach weekend here but they'll be plenty of beach reading with some fun new reads that are on my list.  I devoured the latest book from bestselling author and friend Emily Giffin,  "The Lies That Bind," and enjoyed Curtis Sittenfeld 's newest "Rodham." 

On the list from my at-home beach chair are Brit Bennett's much acclaimed "The Vanishing Half" and Emma Straub's "All Adults Here."

It wouldn't be a stay-cation without a bit of house-dreaming thrown in the mix. There's something about the 4th of July that will always have me dreaming about a little beach cottage getaway.  Maybe it's because of all the fun summery furniture and rattan that we've brought in to the store recently, or maybe it's because of the beautiful beachy paintings that are hanging on the walls of the gallery.  Or maybe it's just because I love houses and always have, that this time around I'm dreaming about a  little cottage (and I mean little!) not far from the sea.

I'm dreaming about this little cottage which is supposedly the oldest house on Cape Cod, on sale recently for $575K (from Cape Cod Curbed magazine). 

Or this charming rose covered shingle cottage with the perfect color front door posted by Georgia Grace Blog.

And I could so hang out on the front porch of this adorable 1820 guest house in Beaufort SC all summer long! (Image from a Cottage Dream)

 And dying to peek inside this darling columned house by architect Andrew Skurman, from Design Chic.

I'd be perfectly happy with this tiny house from Town & Country living!

And I'm swooning over the perfection of this little pool house and swear I'd be happy just to live there!  (From Like to Know.It - Kristy Harvey.)

Of course a little beachy cottage, like the charming one above by Nancy Franke,  would need to be furnished with some pretty rattan and white linen, right?  

Like this muslin bench.

 Or this pair of vintage armchairs from Spain.  

And favorite rattan console


And the walls would be filled with some of our favorite artwork from the gallery.  Just look at the subtle colors in Learning to Live with the Light by Doug Foltz!.

The idea of owning a little beach cottage is just as delightful as the reality of it is unlikely.  But that's the escape I need for this lovely long holiday weekend.  Our gallery and store will be closed Saturday and Sunday in observance of the 4th of July, and I'll be reading, watching, walking, dreaming and feeling grateful that even if we can't be there in person, there's always a way to bring the beach home.

Happy and safe 4th to all of you!

Ta ta,



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