I always love Mondays.  Because, for ¾ of the year (until October 1st, when the retail landscape shifts into overdrive), we all have Sunday’s off, and our loyal family of Huff’ingtons, rested and relaxed, come peeling in to work on Mondays with tales of the weekend and new discoveries made along the way.  It’s a great way to kick off the week, and we’re always thankful that we get to catch up with each other before the clients come pouring (trickling?) through the door.

Usually, there are new obsessions to share:  Movies, TV programs, products, services, ideas ... you name it.  After listening to a particularly enthusiastic group regale us with their newest passions, I decided this was too good fodder not to share with our readers.  So, in their own words, here's what some of our Huff'ingtons tell us they're obsessed with, right now:

Alex:  “I love a good rom-com, which is why I'm currently hyping over Crazy Rich Asians. Funny, sad, cute and serious all at the same time, it's the story about a girl discovering herself upon meeting her boyfriend's "crazy rich" family. A wonderful summer flick!”

Darlene:  “I’m obsessed with her new Midheaven Denim jeans. They are designed by our very own Atlanta girl  Kathryn Brolin.  Even better, I love to pair them with our Claridge and King white shirts!”

Barb has been raving about our new 100% cotton, luxury sheets: "I am obsessed with the new Paris Perfect sheets. They are so very soft and beautiful, I can't wait to get into bed. Extra perk, they are also very generous in the sizing, perfect for when my husband rolls over and takes more than his share of the lovely sheets!!!" (Ditto here, Barb!)

Mac:  “I'm currently obsessed with The Martini Bath Soak from Gwenyth Paltrow's wellness brand, Goop.  Soaking in a heavenly mixture of pharmaceutical-grade epsom salts, himalayan pink salt, botanicals and essential oils while listening to a podcast is my favorite way to unwind.  It's better than an actual martini!

Emily:  “I just started Rococo: Before Bedtime on Amazon Prime and I'm obsessed. Art history has never been taught in such a resplendent manner with host Waldemar Januszczak at the helm of this delightful series. Wit and outrageous facts are woven into the narration of my favorite "more is more" period of art, Rococo!”

Debbie had a lot on her list, but when asked to narrow it down she said, “SCAD  in midtown is a gem with an absolutely  amazing Bookstore and incredible exhibits right in our own back yard !"

Alva:  “Well, you know I have to go with A Place Called Home.  Obsession is an understatement! Everything about it is amazing: the development of the characters, the story line with its rich history, the beautiful scenery  and the superb acting. I will be very sad when I have completed watching all five seasons.”  (Alva’s not the only one obsessed with this show … we can count at least six addicts in our group, which makes for very sensitive spoiler alerts!)

Meg had a hard time narrowing it down, but when pushed to do, she said:  “There’s one item we just brought in that makes me so happy.

“Here’s the backstory: years ago when we first opened Huff Harrington Fine Art, we stocked it with some delicious candles we found in France.   Their scent was absolutely unforgettable: a delicate black-tea fragrance that lingered in the most lovely way and permeated the gallery’s walls over time.

“As life would have it, our candle source dropped out of sight.  We actually had to live without our black-tea candles for several years.  But Ann and I were determined to track down another source and after months and months of sleuthing around Paris, we finally found our candle again. This time, we created our own packaging and branding for it and we’re delighted to announce it recently arrived at Huff Harrington Home. One whiff of that gorgeous black-tea candle brought back so many memories of our early days at the gallery – it felt like seeing a dear long-lost friend again! Now the samples are alight at HHH and at the gallery and I’m positively obsessed – and very, very happy.”

Sam always loves books, and this time, she can’t wait for Paloma Contreras’ new book to come out (we’ll have it in our store in early September).  Having gleaned a sneak preview, Sam says, “Paloma has brought together so much useful information to help make your home a fabulous reflection of you using your own uniqueness as a starting point.  So many other lifestyle tips are just the cherry on top of this delicious and beautiful buffet of design treats. Don't miss it!”

Allison is gaga over “Mike the Tiger,” a new painting by Dawne Raulet, that she commissioned for her LSU graduate.  We asked her if Eric loved the surprise gift, to which she replied, “He didn’t just love it.  He was blown away by it!”  (We were too when we saw it, and all the more pleased for this wonderful young man, now spreading his wings in Denver.)

Linda:  “I am obsessed with Aveda Beautifying pure-fume mist!   It relaxes and makes any room smell like Les Murets.  It is the only scent that can rival our French caretaker homemade Lavender yumminess!  So when I’m not on a Huff Harrington trip to Provence, at least I can smell the memories!”

Reese loves just about everything, but her current obsession are the new Ceri bags we’ve brought in to the store.  We caught her coveting one the other day, and we couldn’t resist posting it on Instagram, thinking that maybe her husband might see and catch our drift!

Ann says: “ When you've grown up believing that summer is a verb and Maine is its direct object, you've also had it ingrained that there's only one place to ever eat Lobster.  So imagine the scandal to have Maine's own Down East Magazine award the winner of the World's Best Lobster Roll to an Atlanta based restaurant in our very own back yard, BeetleCat!  For this Mainer, it's downright heresy ... and I am deliciously obsessed!”

Ta ta!


P.S.  One thing we're all equally obsessed with:  Emily Giffin's new book, "All We Ever Wanted." 

And we're thrilled to welcome Emily Giffin to Huff Harrington Home on Tuesday, August 28th from 6 to 8 p.m. to sign and speak about her book.


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