Current Creatives: new gallery show opens on Friday, October 13

Current Creatives: new gallery show opens on Friday, October 13

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We're delighted to open a new show at Huff Harrington Fine Art this coming Friday, October 13th from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Current Creatives features new work from four uber-talented (and vastly different) women artists: Mille Gosch, Lily Harrington, Colleen Leach and Anne Darby Parker.

When we were planning this show, we knew this dynamic combo of artists would make for an exciting and complementary show. Their paintings are completely different in style and technique - yet each artist is extraordinarily creative and adept in their work.

Meet Millie Gosch: first of all, a fun fact - Millie was one of our very first artists at Huff Harrington (another fun fact: she loves Elvis!)  She has legions of fans who love her saturated and light-filled plein-air landscapes that capture all the beauty of the South, from pastures and meadows to sweeping low country vistas.  

Next up is Lily Harrington. A fun fact about Lily: she's Meg's daughter (and yes, Meg's a very proud mom).  Lily's a New York-based, self-taught abstractist whose large format works incorporate layers and layers of mixed media to create canvases that radiate depth and intensity.

Colleen Leach has been with Huff Harrington for about a year now and has quickly become one of our best-selling artists.  Her work is bold, colorful and visually vibrant with a clean and very modern influence permeating the paintings. We absolutely adore this little firecracker of an artist. P.S. she's a triplet!

 And finally, Anne Darby Parker is a fabulously talented artist whose inspirational female subjects are fierce, strong and progressive.  (Yes! We love that.)

Parker's work is exuberant, beautifully abstracted and boldly painted with definitive brushstrokes and a wonderfully harmonious palette that reads as neutral - but pops with shards of color and pigment.

All of these new works will go live on our website on Friday, October 13th at noon so if you can't pop by the show to see them in person, you can view them online.

We'll have the show up for a couple weeks so we all hope you can stop by to feast your eyes on this exciting collection of paintings from four fabulously talented females.

Ta ta and see you Friday!





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