Hot off the Easel: Sherrie Russ Levine

Hot off the Easel: Sherrie Russ Levine

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We've been having a moment lately with one of our favorite artists, Sherrie Russ Levine. When we first met Sherrie, we were bowled over by her luminous, muted landscapes and lakescapes. They were (and are) softly painted, beautifully lit and ethereal in the very best sense of the word. 

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But as it turns out, we and Sherrie share a common passion: travel, travel and more travel.  More specifically, France and Italy.  Even more specifically, Paris and Florence.

After several trips to the City of Light, Sherrie began presenting us with smaller works that were inspired by Paris's iconic settings, especially views from the Seine river, the Tuileries or the Jardin du Luxembourg.  We were entranced, hung them at Huff Harrington - and then our clients started snapping them up, quickly.

 As Sherri's wanderlust took her all over France, her paintings followed with magical landscapes from Provence.  Huff Harrington Paris was having a field day with Sherrie's work, with Ann placing it in her design projects. "Our clients have loved every piece that we've placed in their homes in Paris and Florence. Sherrie's paintings are like quiet little jewels that reflect the serenity and beauty of the surroundings," she said. (Here below, one of Sherrie's quiet beauties in the Maestro Florence apartment.)

When Sherrie started spending time in Italy, the work came pouring out.  Quiet and light-drenched portrayals of Florence and the Arno, Sienna and other parts of Tuscany that are simply magical in their simplicity.  We're obsessed with her paintings of evening time, when twinkly city lights are perfectly reflected in water. 


We have a few words for Sherrie: tres belle and bellissimo!  if you're in Atlanta, please pop in to feast your eyes on Sherrie's work.  Her paintings might satisfy a little of your wanderlust.

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