Maureen Naughton

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Naughton - Branching Out
Naughton - Branching Out $4,200.00
+ Close-up
Naughton- Looking Across the Marshes
Naughton- Looking Across the Marshes $3,400.00
+ Close-up
Naughton - On Closer Reflection
Naughton - On Closer Reflection $3,400.00
+ Close-up
Naughton - White Water Creek
Naughton - White Water Creek $3,000.00
+ Close-up

Naughton - It's A Pink Bucket Day
Naughton - It's A Pink Bucket Day $2,200.00
+ Close-up
Naughton - Stealing the Wind
Naughton - Stealing the Wind $2,200.00
+ Close-up
Naughton - One With the Wind
Naughton - One With the Wind $2,200.00
+ Close-up
Naughton - Finders Keepers
Naughton - Finders Keepers $2,200.00
+ Close-up

Naughton - Branching Off - please call for more information
Naughton - Branching Off - please call for more information $2,200.00
+ Close-up
Naughton - Splash of Pink
Naughton - Splash of Pink $2,200.00
+ Close-up
Naughton - Wistful
Naughton - Wistful Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up
Naughton - Aspen High
Naughton - Aspen High Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up

Naughton - Touch of White
Naughton - Touch of White Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up
Naughton - It's A Red Bucket Day
Naughton - It's A Red Bucket Day Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up

About the artist


Creative from a young age, Maureen attended Skidmore College to study art. After an early career in art education, Maureen’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to create a design company which specialized in hand-painted silk fabrics and wearable art. When children arrived and needed more of mom, her creativity turned toward endeavors more easily managed from home, including writing children’s books and historic house restoration.


About eight years ago she returned to painting full time with studios now in Cape Cod and Atlanta. She continues her artistic journey by studying with masters like Cynthia Packard and Maggie Siner.


Maureen’s artwork is created with vibrant layers of energetic paint. She depicts trees, children, and still life. Her work portrays a special relationship with trees that captures their beautiful vertical lines and the sense of peace they elicit. But, it is the journey that excites her. The process is as important as the subject matter revealing undulating, ever-changing and spontaneous strokes. She says she often feels as though the paintings paint themselves. Each layer creates new possibilities, as the process continually emerges. Maureen enjoys painting large because she becomes more physically connected to the canvas, more alive.


Maureen also travels to Nicaragua and Uganda each year to share her art with local children.