A glimpse of a new container!

A glimpse of a new container!

We joke that if it’s raining or snowing or it’s the Friday after Thanksgiving, one of the busiest day’s in a retailer’s year, it must be the day our container is arriving!  The timing almost never fails, despite our efforts to the contrary, and this year would have been no exception if our shipper hadn’t just advised us that it’s been delayed, once again. So maybe it’s a blessing that it’s coming in a little later this week, when hopefully the temps will be warmer and it won't be raining.  Regardless of the timing, it can't arrive soon enough and we are ready!

There was a little glimpse of a window, back in September, when it felt OK to travel again, between the onslaught of the new wave of the virus and Europe shutting its borders again.  We snuck over quietly and quickly filled our coffers with as many treasures as we could find.  

As always, we were sent with a long list of Huff’ington requests for more enfilades, more tables, more Louis XVI chests, more Louis Philippe mirrors and more of our favorite go-to treasures that we seek in every market.  We did as told for the most part, but as always, strayed a little from the must haves and veered towards the je ne sais quoi’s, like this gorgeous trumeau with its faded tapestry painting ...

 ... and crunchy commode with its chipped and crackling paint that I think is just so stunning and can already picture sitting in a stylish living room with a fabulous mirror or gorgeous abstract painting over it!

 We also found some lovely Louis XVI commodes, a few gorgeous barometers like this one which is the prettiest one we’ve ever had, and more of the one-of-a-kind hand made Aptware that we received a few weeks ago and that flew out of the store before Meg had finished hanging the display:


We were told to get tables, and did our best, although some (like this beautiful Italian monastery table) will need a coat or two of polish when it arrives.

And for the many Veuve Cliquot fans that we have, we can assure you that we bought every bucket we could find!

 These trips are always filled with the humorous moments, like finding our favorite prune dryers lined up against the tire of a car.  

Who would ever expect these beauties could look so honorable on the wall of our space at Foxglove Antiques and Galleries?  

Or creating a work of art in this beautiful mountain home designed by Caroline Willis Interiors?

 I happen to have a crush on this exquisite Italian burled wood bar that comes with its own compartments for hanging glasses, and a mirrored (and lit!) backsplash.  It definitely wasn't on the list but we couldn't resist its 1940's charm. Can you just hear Cole Porter swooning in the background? 

And this trumeau comes with a funny story.  We spotted it from across the room and immediately made a bee line for it, trying to hide our enthusiasm from some of the other buyers.  To remind myself where I'd bought it, I photographed the stand and, unwittingly, caught the vendor who was not pleased!   

Stop!  Don't shoot!

This is a great example of how you can't see everything at once.  I was clearly looking at the mirror on the left (did not buy it) and missed the fabulous pair of Alain Chervet  brass ram's heads on the right, which would have made a great coffee table.

Ah, but all was not lost as I found the chicest coffee table ever, from another vendor (and it already had the glass on top)!

And speaking of chic, how about these delightful vintage bistro chairs from the 1960's? His and hers, or mix and match.

I probably spent too much time salivating over vintage Hermes scarves, sorting through each one to make sure they were authentic, and looking for unique designs that we rarely see.

Trudy will have a heyday decorating our store with all these boxes when they arrive!

 Now it’s the wait and see game, as we pull stuff off the container and listen to the cheerful Ooh’s and Aah’s from our Huff’ingtons who are usually our biggest cheerleaders.  Every once in a while you hear the, “Hmm, I wonder what that is?” or the “Was this before or after lunch?” comment alluding to the fact that sometimes wine is served at lunch in France. 

I am expecting a comment or two about this froggy that I couldn't resist:

But look, y'all, at what we didn't bring home with us!

(Just for the record, everything purchased on this trip was before lunch so there should be no excuse!)  Still, on the very last day, it is our tradition to meet at our favorite spot, and celebrate all the purchases.  This year was no exception, masks and all.

Cheers to the container!

Ta ta,


P.S.  The container should be docking later this week and we promise to let you know the minute it arrives!  Check it out on our instagram @huffharrington.




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