We're thankful.

We're thankful.

Thursday is Thanksgiving 2020 - and many of us will be celebrating the holiday a little differently this year. Even if your table is set for four instead of 14 and your nearest and dearest are joining you via Zoom, it's still a day for giving thanks.

What a year it's been - and even though it's not quite done, here at Huff Harrington, we're beyond grateful and thankful for so many things. 

At the top of the list is you!  Thank you for continuing to shop and support us (and other small businesses like us).  Now, more than ever, our homes are our refuge and our sanctuary and we all want them to be comfortable, beautiful and welcoming.  We're glad we've been able to help fluff your nests, add art to your walls or help you decide on a special gift for your special somebodies.  

You're so generous. You came out in droves to help us raise funds for Camp Twin Lakes with that perennial favorite shopping promotion, Partners Card.  You bid on art when we ran an auction to raise money for the Atlanta Food Bank.   You constantly boost us up with your encouragement and kind words on Instagram or even when we're mask-to-mask in the store.  

We're hearing the same story from so many small, local businesses like us so, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Next on the list are our indispensable, wonderful employees.  We're delighted to announce that our little Huffing'ton family has grown recently and we couldn't be happier - or more thankful - about it.  The Huffing'tons are the kindest, most thoughtful and hardest-working group you'll ever meet. Not only do they put the needs and wants of our clients first and foremost but they do so in the most elegant, gracious and cheerful way.

From the ladies at the counter or at the gallery to our very hard-working interior designers to our behind-the-scenes marketing team and our logistics/warehouse team, Huff Harrington runs like well-oiled machine.  We truly are a dear family that cares deeply for each other.

We're also thankful for our lively shopping center and the entrepreneurs there who work endless hours to create a pleasant, creative and fun shopping experience.  Stop by to visit Dtox, Range Boutique, Coton Colors, The Water Room, Stellar Bodies, Brack's and Superica - plus the many others that offer so many services that make life easier.  

And we're spreading the love to our fellow galleries and retailers with whom we've consulted, collaborated and mutually cheered on: Anne Irwin Fine Art, BD Jeffries, Erica Reade, Lucy's Market, Gramercy Linens, Ann Mashburn and Dixon Rye, just to name a couple. We're so lucky to have such wonderful and rich home furnishings resources in this city.

We're especially thankful for our families who have patiently waited for us to come home from long days, short weekends and very long holiday hours.  They've all been so supportive of us, especially in the last nine months.

So, wherever Thursday finds you, we hope you're safe and healthy. We'll be saying our thanks with full hearts and excitement for the future.

Happy thanksgiving and thank you.

Meg and Ann


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