Update - our art Instagram auction was a big success!

Update - our art Instagram auction was a big success!

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Wow.  Once again, we are bowled over by the generosity and kindness of our clients and artists.

Our Instagram art auction, which ran this past Wednesday and Thursday, was a smash success. Here are the stats:

- 31 paintings sold

-173 bids offered

and, the big, big news:

- the auction raised about $7,000 that we will donate to Meals on Wheels Atlanta. What does that mean in a real time application?  It means:

- two meals and a pet meal for one person for two whole years or

- 1,400 meals 

We are thrilled to pieces.   We're so proud of our artists and grateful to you, our wonderful clients.   What big hearts you all have. 

With thanks,

Meg and Ann

PS: keep reading - below is the blog we published ahead of the auction.

Back in May, our wonderful gallery marketing manager, Mac, had a brilliant idea:  an art auction on Instagram that would raise money for a worthwhile non-profit right here in Atlanta.  We floated the idea out there to our Huff Harrington artists and were bowled over by the response. Yes, yes, yes, they all said! So, we posted the paintings, told everyone we knew about the auction and voila. What a response from all of you: we raised more than $12,000 for the Atlanta Community Food Bank, a local charity that was seeing triple its usual need due to Covid.  

Huff Harrington's dynamic duo: Mac and Linda. The auction is Mac's brainchild!

And now....we're back at it. With Mac at the helm, we're going to run another art auction this week and we don't think you'll want to miss it.  This time, we're hoisting the flag for Meals on Wheels Atlanta.  Since 1965, this venerable organization has supported seniors struggling with poverty, food insecurity, and social isolation.  In over more than 50 years, it's grown from a small soup kitchen to an organization serving more than 514,000 meals each year throughout the Atlanta area.

So the auction is a wonderful way to buy a painting that's making your heart race - and raise funds for a charity whose good work is sorely needed right now.  Here's how it all works (and don't worry if you're not savvy with Instagram - check out the directions at the end of this post):

  • Bidding starts this coming Wednesday, December 9th at 9 a.m. and ends on Thursday, December 10th at 8 p.m. Check each painting for the time its bidding closes.
  • The minimum bid is 50% of the retail price
  • If the painting gets your heart racing and you'd like to bid, simply type your bid into the comments section.
  • If you're the winner, we'll direct message you the good news. We'll send you a link for payment, which you can do over your phone or computer. We can either ship you the painting or arrange for pick up at the gallery, if you're local.
  • Any dollars above the opening bid will be donated to Meals on Wheels Atlanta.  So easy, so fun - and such a great way to help one of our essential community services.

Take a peek at the beauties we're auctioning this time (you can check out sizes, minimum bids and zoom in on these images by clicking here):

Susan Kinsella, Annie King and Charles Ross

Heidi Kirschner, Sharon Hockfield and Lesley Powell

Sarah Wynne, Ginny Williams and Geri Eubanks

Shirley Lewis, Sarah Robertson and Allison Chambers

Zae, Angie Renfro and Anne Harney

Ellen Rolli, Amy Dixon and Melissa Payne Baker

Lily Harrington, Nancy Franke and Carylon Killebrew

Judith Cox, Dawne Raulet, Theresa Girard (this is part of a triptych)

Amy Sullivan, Helen Farson, Christina Doelling and Millie Gosch

Angela Nesbit, Bethanne Cople and Julie Houck

A big thank you to our wonderful and caring artists who are so graciously contributing to this event. You all are just the best.

We can't wait to get the bidding going first thing this coming Wednesday morning.  It's going to fun and fast, so get your phones ready to start clicking, bidding - and giving!

Good luck.

New to Insta? It's easy:

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  • enter your email address, create a username and password
  • click "sign up" and follow @huffharringtonauction
  • And now you're all set!





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