Designer tips, tricks and trends

Designer tips, tricks and trends

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Our newly launched Huff Harrington Design is busy these days with a slew of projects in our backyard, up the coast in New England and across the pond in Paris. It's really fun for Ann and me to eavesdrop on the design chatter we hear while we're back in the office, working the spreadsheets, managing the budgets and running the biz.

The designers (Heather, Wren, Trudy, Sam and Debbie) are a wealth of information and we're all constantly hanging on their every word of advice - and so are our clients.

 Meet the designers: Trudy, Wren, Sam, Debbie and Heather.

After watching them work their magic with clients, spin the store so it's always looking its best and enthusiastically weigh in on daily design dilemmas, we thought it would be fun to poll them for their favorite industry trick, tip and trend. Here's what they had to say - and take it from us, you'll love reading these little insider tidbits from the experts. 

Heather's tricks and tips: I love to wallpaper the back of bookshelves to add texture and a little unexpected pop of pattern or color.


Grass cloth hung in the built-ins adds a wallop of texture. Photo by Kelli Kroneberger here.

And, go for it! Bold color on the walls adds drama and ambiance. (Who would ever think this hue would be popular again?!)

 This gorgeous saturated green is Night Watch from PPG Paints and here.

Wren weighs in:  I love to use a large plant like a piece of sculpture to add life an organic moment to the room.  

Simple branches in a crusty confit pot = drama! (We have confit pots just like this!). Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles.

More from Wren: I also like to chose a ‘color story’ for built-in bookcases and layer accents in those colors. Think about varying the textures as well. Hang small art on the outside of the shelves, which will create depth.  

So pretty! From Elle Decor. Photo: William Waldron.

All the designers agreed with this tip:  use the ‘new, on trend’ colors for 2019 (like deep greens and terra-cottas) in small, impactful doses - on a dining seat cover, small ottoman or an accent wall that can be easily changed in a few years. 

Our good friends at Huff Dewberry transformed this little nook with a pop of happy yellow. Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles. Photo by Emily Followill.

Sam has opinions:  Hang draperies as close to ceiling as possible to give the illusion of high ceilings.

Designer tidbit: hang window treatments as high as possible. Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles. Photo: Mali Azima.

Trudy's trick: art in unexpected places is always a good idea. We just did this in Paris - a gorgeous little marine painting by one of our favorite French artists is right there in the kitchen where you can see it at all times.

Trudy and Ann just came back from transforming a little jewel box in Paris. This is one of their fave moments.  

 Speaking of, this gorgeous piece from our Heritage collection just arrived on our latest container. 

Debbie says: I love painting hardwood floors black. Over time, the paint will wear, revealing underneath the most beautiful textures and hues of the original wood.

Do you need some expert tips, tricks and trends of your own for your space? Swing on by and visit our new design center (or click here to reach us online) at Huff Harrington Home - and we hope you'll learn as much as we do when the Huffington designers start talking!

Ta ta!

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