Design Dossier

Design Dossier

This past fall, we were up to our eyeballs in the most delectable (and fun!) design project: Atlanta Homes and Lifestyle’s Home for the Holidays Designer Showhouse.

    It’s always a pleasure and an honor to be included in a showhouse of this magnitude so we thrilled to receive the nod.

    The house was stunning new construction (from KBD Development) on an acre lot in the heart of Buckhead. A contemporary take on a traditional English estate, the 10,300 square foot clean-lined house felt open, airy and ridiculously livable. We fell in love with the oversized arches, swooping rooflines and the abundance of light that poured through the drop-dead beautiful windows.

    We got straight to work.  Our space was positioned above one of the two-car garages and it had all the elements we like working with: tons of gorgeous daylight and plenty of slanting ceiling lines that added a coziness to the room. 

    After a couple of pow-wow sessions, the Huff Harrington Design team came up with the plan:  we were going to turn this space into the most charming, warm and welcoming lady’s retreat we’d ever seen.

    So we compiled a whole list of must-haves, like:

    Let’s wrap the entire room, ceiling and all, in the most elegant, sophisticated Thibaut wallpaper we’d seen in a while. Check. (Oh, and while we’re at it, how about a perfectly contrasting fabric for simple but luxurious Schumacher window panels with an uber-contemporary lucite/brass rod? Yep and gimme a high five!)

    Let’s add a smattering of antiques (sourced from you know where) to give the space a little gravitas – and personality. Check.

    And we adore art, so let’s source some edgy portraits and abstracts from Huff Harrington Fine Art. Check. Check. Check.

    Finally, let’s create the most intimate little seating area with four perfectly matched, smaller scale club chairs with a sassy trim running down their backs. After all, it’s those special details that make the difference.

    By the time we were finished with that room, we were all in love with it – and so were many of the show house patrons.  Lots of ladies told us “I want one of these at my house!” and we thought that was a perfect compliment for the vision we had.

    Our Huff Harrington Design team: Heather Parker, Trudy Stump and Wren Caples.

    Along the way, we had such fun meeting and working with the many talented designers who had rooms at this house, from Jessica Bradley, Lauren DeLoach, Kati Hardwick, Lauren Davenport and Chris Holt to Amber Guyton, Sande Beck, Evan Millard and Patricia McLean and so many more.

    We’re always up for a design challenge, so thank you Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles for a wonderful opportunity – and a great time!


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