Decking our halls

Decking our halls

We’re in full holiday mode here at the store and believe it or not, we’ve been decking our halls since the end of October when we geared up for the giving season.

It’s always so fun to get the store ready for our holiday shoppers.  We stick to a silver, gold and white theme with little splashes of Tiffany blue, green or even pink and our talented buyers and merchandisers create a shimmery wonderland of trees, garland, ornaments and decor.

When Christmas arrives at Huff Harrington…
We like keeping it all white, silver and gold.
We’ll mix up the ornaments so we’ve got some metal, glass, fur and even feathers.
The holiday palette spills over to our pretty serving plates and trays, too.

Of course, we get holiday inspiration on a daily basis from the dozens of talented designers with whom we work and from the design mags and blogs we follow religiously. Here are a few take aways:

Keep it simple:

We love sticking to a glittery palette and then adding an unexpected hue to complement the sparkle.  (Southern Living/Monica Buck.)
From Southern Living with photo by Monica Buck.
Have some fun. Even your stone friends can get dressed up for the holidays. (<a href="" target="_blank">Southern Living</a>/Laurey W. Glenn)

Bring the outdoors in and use natural greenery wherever you can:

Headed to the beach? Keep the seaside vibe going with palms mixed with your greenery. (<a href="" target="_blank">Southern Living</a>/Laurey Glenn)

Magnolia is all over the place here in the South.  You can’t go wrong with plenty of natural greens, dressed up with anything white, silver or gold. (<a href="" target="_blank">Southern Living</a>/Laurey Glenn)


Chris Holt decked this mantel out with plenty of magnolia.  (Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles <a href="" target="_blank">Home for the Holidays</a> showhouse/photo by dhcphoto-Instagram.)


Now that’s a mantle that Santa can be proud of.  From <a href="" target="_blank">Southern Living</a>/Emily Followill.

Don’t forget the front door:

Set the holiday stage with a wow wreath on the front door.

So pretty!  (<a href="" target="_blank">Southern Living</a>/Robbie Caporetto.)

And don’t forget the other doors in the house:

(From <a href="" target="_blank">Southern Living</a>/photo by Charles Walton.)

Designer Lynne Rankin centered three simple and elegant wreaths on these French doors. (<a href="" target="_blank">Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles</a>/photography by Emily Followill.)

Go all out with the lights:

Pile the lights on – either all white or a colorful mix. In this case, more is definitely better. Start at the top and string down, wrapping each branch (and cancel the entire day’s activities because this will take a while!)

There’s nothing prettier than a fully lit and glowing tree. (<a href="" target="_blank">Southern Living</a>/Laurey Glenn)

Try new traditions:

While blues or greens are natural companions for winter greenery, we love seeing the completely unexpected like this wonderfully happy pink-hued tree from the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Home for the Holidays showhouse:

Atlanta’s Boxwoods went for the pink delightfully happy tree. (Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles <a href="" target="_blank">Home for the Holidays</a>/dhcphoto for Instagram)

What’s your favorite holiday decor?  No matter what it is, we hope your halls are happily decked!

Ta ta!


PS: looking for the perfect gift to tuck under the tree? Try art! Our annual Little Jewels show is up at the gallery and we’d love to see you. 

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