Styling your sanctuary

Styling your sanctuary

First of all, the most important question: how are you doing? We hope you're well, staying healthy, sane - and at home.

I need a distraction:  I don't know about you, but spending all this time at home has me rethinking furniture layouts, lighting, pillows and paint colors.  We just moved into a brand-spanking new townhouse and I haven't had one second to do anything.  With all the chaos and madness that's out there, I find it weirdly relaxing to dream about furniture placement, new upholstery, fabric swatches and curtain trim.  I don't know if that's crazy or not, but when the Huff Harrington designers (that's Trudy, Heather and Wren) obligingly send me a mood board that has me swooning, it makes the doom and gloom go away just for a little bit.

Trudy told me the other day: "a quick update or refluff is one of the easiest ways to make a space feel fresh and new. And it's so easy over the computer.  We can create mood boards, source lighting, paint, wallpaper, furniture - and all we need are a few dimensions and photographs."

Easy, no-brainer updates include: 

Pillows: so easy! This is one of Heather's favorite insta-fixes. You can change the entire look of a space simply by replacing pillows.  Send us a photo of your current pillow situation and let us help assess. We've got lots of these blue-hued pillows in stock at the store that have us dreaming of warm weather and sunny days. (A pillow fix is easy on the bank, too.)

Lighting: new table lamps can add a pop of pizazz - and don't require visits from anyone to install. We can advise on scale, shape and color.  Judging a lamp beauty contest? Let's FaceTime and we can offer some help.

A black and brass lamp is a gorgeous punctuation point.

Rugs: we're recently obsessed with a line of gorgeous, handmade Oushak rugs that we've been carrying in the store.  They come in all sizes but the sweet little ones are perfect for sprucing up a kitchen, entry hall or bathroom.

Accessories: the jewelry for your space! Wren likes to keep it clean, stylish and uncluttered. "Go for a wow factor!" Even adding a well-placed painting can make a world of difference. (That's a Justin Kellner peeking from behind the branches.)

Paint and wallpaper: one of the least-expensive and easiest ways to transform a room is with a fresh coat of paint or a gorgeous layer of exquisite wallpaper.  We're loving crisp white walls and drop-dead gorgeous wallpapers that add sass and sophistication.

To-die-for Thibaut wallpaper in a Paris apartment that Huff Harrington designed.

Not sure where to even begin? Click here to send us some information about your space - and we'll take it from there.  We have an abundance of resources at our fingertips, from fabrics to furniture and just about anything in between.

Our goal? Make your home your haven - and a place you're very happy spending time!


Ta ta.

(P.S: thank you, thank you, thank you:  we're all good at Huff Harrington, thanks to our gracious employees who can handle anything and everything we throw at them - and, especially,  to you. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your online orders, your uplighting and encouraging comments and most of all, for your support.)


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