Segreto Impressions

Segreto Impressions


To:  Leslie Sinclair, Author of Segreto Impressions and Segreto Finishes

FR:  Huff Harrington

“Dear Leslie:

This Christmas, I received the nicest gift from my daughter, who works at Huff Harrington Home: Your lovely newest book,  "Segreto Impressions." (Apparently there was a little smack down at the store with my Secret Santa and a few other well-wishers who had noticed my sneaky peeks whenever I passed by our book table!)  Ever since our head buyer, Allison, brought the book in, we were all oohing and aahing over it; but it wasn’t until I had my very own copy that I could sit down and truly appreciate its beauty and content.

I'm not sure that I believe Babe Paley's adage "You can never be too rich or too thin," but I do firmly believe you can never have too many coffee table books!  That’s not to say that I’m not picky about the ones I get – and with this book, Leslie, you have really set a high bar.  Page after page is stunningly beautiful, and just when you think it can’t get any better, it keeps going, with something different and unusual and even more exquisite.

I love the collected feel of the interiors and the eclecticism.  Like a gallery wall of interesting, disparate art that is pulled together by one single element, this book is a magnificent tableau of diverse interiors that are linked by one common thread:  Your passion for gorgeous interiors and finishes.

Your preface was particularly poignant to me, where you addressed head-on the theme that we sometimes struggle with:  It's pretty, but what’s the point?  We interior designers and purveyors of fine furnishings may not be saving world hunger, preventing climate change or curing cancer, but there is no shame in making people’s lives a little happier. You said it so well yourself, when you addressed your feelings about making the world a better place:

"Having the opportunity to visually translate my clients' beauty into their interiors is deeply rewarding," you say, "because it gives them a feeling of contentment and happiness at home.  This warm feeling, in turn, translates positively into many aspects of their lives."  We at Huff Harrington Design believe this as well.


We know the value interior designers provide when our clients are able to enjoy their surroundings and tell us how much their lives have improved, or even been saved, along with their marriages, too!  To say that nothing is nicer than having a client cry with happiness sounds a little harsh – but it’s actually true!

By the way, I'm on my way to France today to pick out the finishes for two new bathrooms for a project in Provence.  Can you guess what I did before leaving for the airport this morning?  Snapped a couple of pics from your book for inspiration!  Talk about making my life a little easier …

So, on behalf of myself, our Huff'ington family and all of our clients who have had the enormous pleasure of receiving your book this holiday season, congratulations and a heartfelt thank you!  And if you’re ever in the Atlanta area, please come and see us!  We’d be honored.

Ta ta from your fans,


P.S.  If you'd like to know more about the book, Segretto Impressions, here is a summary:

Filled with exquisite interiors that serve as visual inspiration, Segreto Impressions takes you on a breathtaking tour of homes from an eclectic mix of top designers and architects, whose work and artistic vision transcend the style spectrum. With over 400 pages, this 4th installment of her design book series explores how color and finishes affect a home’s overall allure, exploring color information and an array of finishing techniques in vivid detail. This collection is a timely-and timeless-visual reference of the latest design trends in furnishings, lighting, architecture, flooring and surfaces serving as an invaluable reference guide for designer and design enthusiasts for years to come.

You may order the book from Huff Harrington, right here: 

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Leslie Sinclair

Leslie Sinclair

OMGoodness, what a lovely sweet post!! I am so glad you are enjoying Segreto Impressions, my little labor of love. I would love to get to Atlanta to give you both a big hug and visit your beautiful store!! You made my day! xo Leslie

OMGoodness, what a lovely sweet post!! I am so glad you are enjoying Segreto Impressions, my little labor of love. I would love to get to Atlanta to give you both a big hug and visit your beautiful store!! You made my day! xo Leslie

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