Postcard from Paris

Postcard from Paris

We get to meet some of the coolest clients in our work.  Often, they’ve led busy lives running businesses or non-profits and happen to have a passion for art, architecture, food, wine or travel - or just a romantic memory that has led them back to Paris. 

We introduced you to one cool client a few months ago, with images of her beautiful Paris apartment and the history of her attraction to the rue Cler (click right here to read that story). 

A couple shots of our client's chic Paris apartment. It was such a pleasure to work with her and we just loved the way this turned out.

We mentioned that by day she is a personal injury attorney with a highly stressful job and in the evenings, she is an artist inspired by Italian Renaissance and 19th C. French paintings.  Did we also say that she and her painting partner and teacher, Melissa Weinman, received the commission to create two huge paintings for the Church of our Lady of Guadalupe in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico? 

That's quite a work in progress.

Wha-a-a-t??!  The story had us piqued so we asked Lara how it felt to have two of their huge paintings, Christ Crucified After Velazquez, 74” x 51”, and Judith Slaying Holofernes After Artemisia Gentileschi, 62” x 49” consecrated by the Bishop of Mexico.  It turns out that the blessing of the paintings took place in October, two nights after a category 4 hurricane slammed and pummeled her home.  Always looking on the bright side, she said, “The sweet part? Our  enthronement with the Bishop of Mexico was done in candlelight. It was amazing."

The finished product.

After the unveiling and consecration.

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