Postcard from Paris: La Vie en Rose

Postcard from Paris: La Vie en Rose

We love a good story, and this one has our heart.  We just finished renovating the apartment of a lovely client who by day is a high powered attorney and by night is an amazing artist who specializes in recreating Italian Renaissance art, mostly of religious motifs, and whose latest two masterpieces will be hung permanently in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Puerto Vallarta and blessed by the bishop of Mexico!  But we digress. 

The story is that our client's mother loved Paris and for years, she and her mother, Carla, traveled there together always staying near the rue Cler. They loved this iconic location for its colorful sidewalk cafes, abundant restaurants, gourmet shops, florists, vegetable stands, bakeries, chocolate shops and one of the best cheese mongers in Paris. 

When an apartment became available near the celebrated cheese shop, that did it!  Our client had to have it, in memory of Carla and in celebration of her children who had followed in her own footsteps of accompanying their mother to Paris - and always staying on the rue Cler.  She contacted us to visit the apartment, and when we confirmed that it could be (with a little work and a lot of imagination!) turned into the jewel box that she dreamed of, she bought it!

Her directions were brief and to the point:  She wanted the apartment to be sexy, pretty and fun with touches of pink and leopard:  Basically la Vie en Rose with touches of wild!

When we sent her plans and mood boards, she approved them without hesitation. As we got nearer to the finish line, we told her we'd stop sending anything and just wait on the element of surprise.  And then we crossed our fingers that she'd love it all -- which she did, and more!  The icing on the cake was naming the apartment:  In memory of her mother, La Carla de Cler.  

Above, our darling client with beautiful Carla, and family pictures on the rue Cler. 

And here are a few glimpses of the jewel box, la Carla de Cler:

With every client comes a good story, usually one of falling in love with Paris and wanting their own version of La Vie en Rose.  We are so grateful to have the opportunity to help make their dreams come true, in Paris and beyond.

Ta ta,


PS:  To see the full reveal of La Carla de Cler, visit the before and after pictures on our website.


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