Shop this week for a really good cause: Partners Card!

Shop this week for a really good cause: Partners Card!

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Ready to shop for a good cause?   Get set with your Partner's Card  - and go!

Haven't heard of the Partner's Card?  Basically it's one of the best fund-raising ideas we've ever heard of.  In a nutshell: you buy a $70.00 card. 100% of your $70.00 supports Camp Twin Lakes, an organization that gives life-changing camp experiences to seriously ill, disabled and challenged Georgia kids.  

And best of all, when you use your Partners Card at a participating retailer or restaurant, you get 20% off your purchases! What's not to love about this?

Over the years, Partners Card week (this year from Friday, October 25th to Sunday, November 3th) has become a pre-holiday shopping extravaganza.  More than 400 metro Atlanta retailers and restaurants participate and we've known clients who keep their holiday shopping lists stashed until this week so they can enjoy the benefits - and support this wonderful non-profit.  

(The card can be used for in-store purchases only which is lucky for us as we always look forward to seeing you in person!)

We're huge fans of Camp Twin Lakes which annually serves more than 9,900 campers, has 3,500 volunteers and subsidizes about $800 for every camper served.   Dan Mathews, the Director of Camping Services says "“CTL campers constantly comment on how powerful it is to feel normal, to be one of the group, and not to stand out because of their various illnesses or challenges. Kids build camaraderie and friendships that will last a lifetime, not to mention support systems that will see them through their hard times back at home, which often entail doctor’s appointments, hospital visits and ongoing treatments.”

 And big news from us:  we're thrilled to announce that, for the very first time, Huff Harrington Fine Art is participating in Partners Card...which means all art is now 20% off! Here's a teeny peek:

Please rush out and buy your Partners Card.  We're selling them at Huff Harrington Home and at Huff Harrington Fine Art. When you shop either location, we'll happily deduct and donate 20% from your purchases. And remember, only in-store purchases are available for the Partners Card.

We've been busy little bees getting the store and gallery ready for Partners Card so you'll find a store-ful and gallery-ful of decor, gifts, jewelry, accessories and art.  

Here's a little sampling of what you could snap up with a 20% discount with your card:

And we wouldn't dream of letting you leave without wrapping your holiday gifts.

The shopping frenzy is in full force through Sunday, November 3rd so don't waste another minute not supporting this wonderful cause. Come on it and our wonderful Huffing'tons will welcome you warmly and point you in the right direction for all your shopping needs!

Thanks for supporting Partners Card...and happy shopping.

Ta ta.

(*just a couple little exclusions: online orders, special orders on furniture, art commissions and our trips to France are not applicable)

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