Our Staff



From Left. Top: Ann & Meg, Middle Row: Emma, Babs, Sam, Barbara, Debbie, Marlon, Rhys, Suzie, Alex, and Darlene Bottom: Allison, Linda, Alva, Mac and Heather.


She's a clever wordsmith by morning and organized entry expert by afternoon! Alex keeps us new and fresh on Huff Harrington's website and handles our behind the scenes inventory operations with total aplomb. A whips-mart UGA grad with a Journalism degree and minor in French under her belt, Alex enjoys keeping up with Dawg sports and traveling here, there and everywhere.


Allison WagaskyWe’d heard about Allison for years and couldn’t believe our luck when she told us she was available to come work with us. This sweet and serene gal also possesses a keen business head, oodles of common sense and calming voice of reason that we all need around here every once in a while. She’s got a terrific eye and has her finger on the pulse of what’s trending and selling out there. She hails from Baton Rouge and constantly awes us with her graciousness, enthusiasm and retail smarts.


Alva HarperHow many times a day do we hear a customer say, “Oh Alva! You’re here! We’re so glad to have found you again!” to which we emphatically reply, “So are we!” That’s because we all jumped at the opportunity to have Alva join our little family, following her many years of experience with another well respected Buckhead retailer, where she got to know just about everybody in town. If she is ever tired of our constant questions, or for dishing out advice and subtle suggestions, this lovely, patient and gracious lady never shows it. Alva, we are so happy that you are “home” again, and here to stay!


"Darlene is my favorite person in the world!" has been exclaimed in our presence by more than one person. With this high praise, we just had to hire Darlene as a sales consultant on the floor, and we're so glad we did. This lovely Atlanta native, who knows more people than we can count and treats everyone like a long-lost friend, will brighten your day with her sparkling disposition while she listens to your needs and helps you find just what you're looking for.


HeatherWe're lucky to have not one, but two, Couvillion girls working at HH! Heather came with high praise from her sister (our head buyer, Allison) and we couldn't be happier to have her on board. Heather, who has a background in interior design and retail merchandising, creates the most gorgeous displays and vignettes for the store. She can make anything look pretty and also has a knack for keeping our inventory organized and dazzling our clients on the sales floor. As an experienced interior designer, Heather has joined our design team to help feather our clients' nests with the same comfortable, easy elegance that she does so effortlessly in our own store.


Linda MohanWe’ve known our gallery manager, Linda, since before we opened Huff Harrington Fine Art. We were desperately looking for help at the gallery and a friend suggested we call her stylish, world-traveled and art and interior design-loving neighbor. When Linda showed up in her trademark white patent leather trench coat, she was hired! Our little business couldn’t have grown without her and when it was time to open Huff Harrington Home, we knew we needed her here to keep us in line. Linda never ceases to amaze us with her positive, upbeat and sparkling personality (honed, she says, from years of working as an international flight attendant for American Airlines). This intrepid and fun traveler was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in communications. She shares with us all a deep love for all things French (Linda especially loves French flea markets and Veuve Cliquot champagne) and always brightens our days with her joie de vivre.


Mackenzie MiddletonWe call her “MacDaddy” and it’s a little nickname that has stuck to our newest family member at Huff Harrington Fine Art, because she can do it all.  This lovely young lady is a tireless and hard-working dynamo who loves art and enjoys working with our clients. Her most common response to any request is always,  "Of course!" -- and then with her technical wizardry and savvy resourfulness, she gets it done in a flash!


Marlon CopelandMarlon is the newest member of the "Huffington" team and we're very grateful to have him on board. He keeps us totally organized, taking care of stock logistics and the heavy lifting around here; all with a smile on his face. Marlon's quick humor and can-do attitude have made him an instant hit at the store!


Rhys FishAfter thirty years as a flight attendant, Rhys Fish has become grounded at Huff Harrington - and we are the lucky ones for it! Passionate about jewelry, clothing, art and home furnishings, Rhys will happily help you find a gorgeous gift for a friend or the perfect treasure for your home. This beautiful and gracious University of Tennessee grad, says she loves working here so much that her husband's parting words every day are, "Going to work? Have fun!" You'll discover, as we have, that it's always fun being with Rhys.


Sam JonesSam is our Jackie of all trades.  She has been with us almost from the start and is as invaluable to the gallery as she is at the store for her discriminating eye, her plethora of marketing ideas, her clever sense of humor and her friendly personality. Perhaps her most valuable asset is her interior design skill.  What we hear over and over again from our clients: Leave Sam in your home for an hour or two, and the miracles she performs will make you fall in love with your home all over again. This talented Renaissance woman has helped dozens of our clients making their homes more comfortable, inviting and up-to-date - whether in Atlanta, New York, San Francisco, London or Paris. (But don't ask her about the Eiffel tower - she still hasn't been let out long enough to see it!)


We're so thrilled to have Susie, a 25-year Delta flight attendant vet, as a new addition to our little family. This Mid-West gal turned Atlantan will charm you with her warm smile and delightful demeanor. If you're in a pickle deciding on a gift or accessory, Susie is the one to call on for friendly advice! When she's not at Huff Harrington, she's keeping busy with her two college and high-school aged boys.