Join us on a buying trip to Paris!

Join us on a buying trip to Paris!

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Thinking about a French fix soon?  Please join us! We're headed to beautiful Paree in March 2020 (the 11th through the 17th - yes, just a few short months away) for a buying trip to Paris and would love some company.

On our buying trips, we've got one mission and that's to snap up whatever goodies and treasures catch our eyes - and your eyes.  This is a great trip for anyone who's got a design project going, working with a client or who maybe just loves the thrill of the hunt for Louis's, Napoleans or Directoires.

For years, we've been scouring Paris for the most interesting and best selection of one-of-a-kinds and antiques and we've got it down to a well-oiled machine.  We take care of all the nitty-gritties, like negotiating with the vendors and finding out the provenance of the items - and the sweet stories that accompany many of the pieces we are attracted to.  On our list is also taking care of the shipping details and all important paperwork  (which is no small feat to the uninitiated.)

The days are are a wonderful whirlwind of the Metro, an Uber or two and plenty of pavement-pounding and we love every minute.   Our first destination is a medieval pig-market-turned-fabulous-antique-fair where the dealers are lined up and down little alleys and you can find everything and anything to catch your fancy.


Several full days are devoted to Les Puces, the world-reknown flea market.   We adore les fleas and the hundreds of stalls and vendors selling everything from the gilt-iest mirrors to the crunchiest of tables, chairs and consoles.  Oh, and a soupçon of mid-century modern to spice things up because that's how les Francais like to do it.  Did we mention jewelry, art and even a dab of vintage Chanel?  The next few days are a madhouse of treasure-spotting, negotiating, paperwork and finally, lunch.

Also on the agenda for our antique and one-of-a-kind shopaholics is a favorite street market, very much off the beaten path.  We love this one for its quirky selection of smalls - silver, vintage jewelry, china and fabulous art.  Every once in a while, we spy a famous French celeb, happily digging through the piles - just like we're doing.

And, of course, after all that shopping, we all need a little reward:

It's not a trip to Paris unless there's some serious food involved and meals are a top priority.  We dine in lovely, welcoming neighborhood restaurants where the cuisine is seasonally based and deliciously prepared.

Finally, we wrap it all up with an off-duty day and some time to explore on our own.  On our list to see: the Rodin Museum, the d'Orsay and L'Orangerie for jaw-droopingly gorgeous art; the Marais for a funky-meets-the-middle-ages vibe, anywhere in the Seventh for strolling and shopping and of course, Le Bon Marche (Paris' equivalent to Bergdorf Goodman).

If this sounds right up your alley, drop us a line at  We'd love to take you to Paris on this, the most adult treasure hunt ever!

Ta ta.


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