Meet designer Kate Light (and her cool mom!)

We often talk about how much we love our trips to France:  The sites, the shopping, the food, the beauty, the camaraderie and the unexpected surprises, like adorable Mother/Daughter duos.  For some reason, our trips cater to this terrific two-some, and our last shopping trip to Paris was no exception!

Meet the dynamic designing duo, Kate Light and her darling designer mother, Ann Carey.  Ann has an established interior design business in Florida, and Kate has a flourishing design business in Atlanta.  We quickly appreciated Ann’s great eye on this last trip, when she spotted a burled wood desk from the depths of an antique dealer’s stall and knew immediately that it would look stunning in her client’s living room.

Spotted in France …


Perfect in Florida!

And we were enamored with Kate and her bright energy, especially to see her eyes light up with art – spotting this painting by artist Jazzu, while it lay rolled up in a corner of an art gallery in Paris.  She knew, and she was so right!

Painting by the artist Jazzu (whom we now carry at <a href="" target="_blank">Huff Harrington Fine Art!)</a>

Watching the two of them in action was a favorite pastime for all of us, and it soon became clear that while they each bring different perspectives to their profession, they are cut from the same artistic cloth. Kate, who has a very individualistic style, would be the first to say, that she’s learned this from her mother.  We asked Kate to share some of the projects that she’s been working on – and to tell us what Mother knows best.  Here goes:

Kate, looking ever so chic in the vest she bought at the Vanves market on our trip!

Kate, you’ve got a lot of projects going right now.  Tell us about the Show House you completed last fall for Serenbe:

My room, which I called “Goodnight Blooms” was created to be a whimsical bedroom based around the idea of floral dreams and inspired by Lulie Wallace’s “Julia” print, which was used as the drapery panels. Channeling my inner little girl, this may have been the bedroom of my childhood dreams! I think I actually used to dream in florals — my first word was even “fafa” indicating flowers! This room was so much fun to create and something I don’t get to do for clients on a day to day basis, so an amazing opportunity and I decided to have fun with it.

The guest bedroom for the Serenbe Show House by Kate Light Interiors


Check out the ceiling in this room! So fun.


Fabulous bright and cheerful guest bathroom

Recently, you completed a beautiful renovation in Buckhead for a young couple.  What drove those pretty colors?

This interior was shot by Heidi Harris and I love this serene master bedroom created for a sweet young couple who recently purchased their forever home. They have a little one running around, so the goal was to create a peaceful retreat within their own home.

 A peaceful retreat in Buckhead


Kate always uses great art in her interiors. Photo: Heidi Harris


Love the detailing on the curtain panel and the soothing colors. Photo: Heidi Harris

Have you had time to work on your own home too? 

Here are some images from Sarah Dorio that are not quite updated because this home is a work in progress!  But you’ll see our absolute LOVE of art.  In our home, I created the rooms around the art, instead of the other way around. We wanted to walk into our house and have the art be the first thing that spoke to us.

Cheerful and fun! Photo: Sarah Dorio


We love how you updated the English chairs with graphic fabric. Photo: Sarah Dorio


Wow! What a great corner. And yes, we believe that chair came from <a href="" target="_blank">Huff Harrington Home</a>! Photo: Sarah Dorio


Again, we love the mix of playful and serious … all with great taste. Photo: Sarah Dorio

We’ve noticed that florals play a large role in your designs.  What inspires you:

I was asked to participate in a fun event by Modern Luxury magazine called  “To Live & Dine” where designers were tasked with creating tablescapes. I called mine “Petals & Paint” — a garden party of such. I thought this could be fun to include since flower arranging hits so close to home for both my mom and me. My grandfather was a flower grower so it always came SO easily to my mom, who can throw together the most spectacular arrangement at the drop of a hat. Flower arranging is something my mother (and aunt!) have mentored me through my entire life and this was such a fun opportunity to put it into practice.

Gorgeous mix of fall colors in this tablescape for “To Live and Dine,”  an event sponsored by the Atlantan Magazine


To Live and Dine amid gorgeous blooms!

So it’s pretty clear that you owe a lot to your mother.  In addition to her infectious love of beauty and design, what are some practical tips that she has passed on to you ?

Kate and Ann on our Buying Trip to Paris

TIPS (or “What I’ve learned from my Mother”)

In the kitchen:

— Nothing can beat vegetables roasted in a little olive oil & Herbs de Provence. My mother & I absolutely love to cook together and a roasted vegetable is always a crowd please.

In Business:

— RESPECT people’s opinion — you can always learn from each and every person and whether you agree or disagree.  Perspective is everything!

In interior design.

— Be different. Who cares if everyone else is following a trend or a color story, create spaces that are unique and personal — that will withstand the test of time.

— Oushak rugs are like art:  You have to love them as much as you love your art because they ARE works of art and if you love them enough, you’ll have them forever. My mother’s rugs are some of the most beautiful things in her home and I have always admired them so and dreamt of my own collection one day!

— ALWAYS go with your gut. It’s when you question yourself that you make mistakes but if you go with the option you loved from the very start, you never regret it.

Here is Kate celebrating that unique option that she’ll never regret: An Hermes scarf turban from the Paris Flea market!

Thank you Kate, for sharing … and Mom, thank you for passing on the tips to us.    We loved having you on the trip and I think everyone would agree that you were both an inspiration to us all!

Ta ta,


P.S.  If you’d like to contact Kate about her design work, you may reach her at, follow her on Instagram @Klight_interiors or visit her

Kate Light Interiors, photo by Mary Catherine Brownfield


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What happens when two committed Francophiles, art lovers and design junkies get together over a bottle of red wine? A fine art gallery with a little je ne sais quoi is born, followed a few years later by its home furnishings and décor sibling.

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What happens when two committed Francophiles, art lovers and design junkies get together over a bottle of red wine? A fine art gallery with a little je ne sais quoi is born, followed a few years later by its home furnishings and décor sibling.

  • Loved our Paris trip on so many levels… truly, a wonderful time to learn, experience, share & enjoy with Kate!! 🙂

    plus a few new friends —
    and our fabulous, fun hosts, the HH gals !!

    Ann Carey
  • Grew up with her Mom on the block and they are beautiful people inside and out. Wonderful article. Thanks for sharing.

    Debbie Gigliotti
  • Sooo enjoyed reading this fun update on you 2 talented ladies! Kudos on your beautiful work & the mother daughter connections you share🎉❤️🎉

    Francie Thompson

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