Meet Allison, our bauble buyer

Meet Allison, our bauble buyer

If you’ve been to Huff Harrington Home, you’ll know that we’re not just a home furnishings and decor destination – we also carry tabletop, gifts, women’s clothing and accessories and best of all, a delicious department of jewelry.

A corner of the jewelry department at Huff Harrington.

If you can adorn an ear, drape a wrist, fasten around the neck or bedazzle a finger, our chic and tasteful bauble buyer, Allison Wagasky has already sourced it, ordered it and displayed it elegantly in the store.

Thanks to her exquisite eye and meticulous finger on the pulse of both trendy and classic, our jewelry section is always filled to the brim with plenty styles to match any taste, age, event and occasion.

A <a href="" target="_blank">diamond spear necklace</a> by S.Carter recently debuted in the store.

We go back a long way with Allison. Linda, our gallery manager, introduced us back in 2011 when Huff Harrington Home was still a glint in our eyes. We knew immediately we wanted Allison on our team. Fast-forward eight years and Allison is our head buyer – not just for jewelry but also for our women’s boutique, bags and personal accessories.

Allison also buys for our ladies’ boutique – as well as <a href="" target="_blank">bags galore</a>.

With help from her right-hand Huffington, Susie Smith, Allison stays on top of the trends – and has the perfect touch when it comes to mixing current with classic. The result? A heady mix of 14k gold, silver, leather, precious and semi-precious stones, pearls and beads.

One of Allison’s favorite tricks is to mix metals. Check <a href="" target="_blank">these</a> out.

“We like to offer our clients something that works for every occasion – from a black-tie wedding (all out glitz and glam) to the boardroom (classic, simple) to gal-pal nights out, graduations or just a stylish piece to wear everyday, ” says Allison. “And, never underestimate the power of layering different metal textures and lengths and then adding a wow piece for impact.”

This <a href="" target="_blank">charm necklace</a> from Julie Vos has always been a hit.

So what makes this great gal tick? We sat down to dish with her about everything from her roots in Louisiana to the styles she keeps her eyes peeled for wherever she goes.

<a href="" target="_blank">Leather and beads</a> – in a chic cream.

A hand-picked <a href="" target="_blank">leather cuff</a> embellished with a floral design.

HH: okay, Allison, tell us a little bit about yourself – we know your roots grow deep in your beloved Baton Rouge!

AW: I grew up in Baton Rouge and went to LSU, which was literally in my backyard! Once I graduated, I was determined to move to a big city like Atlanta. I’ll never forget my mom coming back from a tennis tournament at Bitsy Grant and telling me that Atlanta was her new favorite city! She was right; I’ve now been here since 1985. My husband and I are empty nesters and have loved visiting our kids these past few years in San Francisco and Denver. 

Allison and her Mark. It must be the Louisiana thing, but the two of them are always off to fancy galas. Aren’t they the most beautiful couple?

HH: and remind us how you ended up at Huff Harrington:

AW: Linda Mohan, the gallery manager, is one of my bestie’s from our boys little league baseball days, and she recommended me for the job. Thank you, Linda! I never dreamed working in retail could be this much fun, especially working with you and Ann and the rest of the Huffingtons! (HH: yes, remember those crazy early days when everyone wore every hat – and loved every minute of it?!)

HH: Tell us how you go about buying your baubles? How on earth do you make a decision?

AW: I love introducing new designers to our clients in the store on a regular basis. It’s a fun challenge to discover a new look or style through bloggers, influencers – and my faithful Louisiana ambassadors, who have an abundance of good taste. Susie Smith, who is my jewelry accomplice, is so great at helping me keep it fresh and new, along with the rest of the Huffingtons.

Allison and her accomplice, Susie, making decisions in the jewelry department.Allison introduced us to <a href="" target="_blank">Mignonne Gavigan</a> and now we’re all pretty much obsessed.

I am a very visual person and it is easy for me to preview lines at the trade shows and put together a beautiful Huff Harrington story. There’s so much talent right here in Atlanta, and it is such a treat to work with these talented ladies who create beautiful designs for us. I guess the bottom line is that I am passionate about finding new designs continuously and always having the perfect piece for our customers.

Allison’s wonderful at creating and displaying easy-to-shop jewelry stories.

Not only does Allison have an amazing eye that can spot something new from a mile away, but our clients adore her for her easy-going and helpful manner. She’s patient, thoughtful and always gracious and kind.

So glam!

HH: okay, tell us your favorite gemstone or piece that’s hot right now.

AW: It’s funny that you ask because I’m still obsessing over a dainty fringe necklace I saw on Highway 30A last week that had the prettiest baguette sapphires. So, I’d have to say that sapphires are my favorite – for right now!

(HH: fun fact: Allison ADORES the beach!)

Allison’s happiest spot is at the beach, any beach (but she really loves 30A!)

HH: what jewelry trends are you keeping an eye on?

AW: the statement earring! I love that women all ages are going for this light-hearted and fun style of earring. They add a splash of color and style to a summer dress or coverup. I also continue to see new spins on leather and python, and mixed metal designs are always so smart-looking to me. 

Did somebody say “<a href="" target="_blank">statement earrings</a>?” We have lots and lots!

More <a href="" target="_blank">statement earrings</a> for a fun little pop of chic wow.

<a href="" target="_blank">Summer-ready!</a>

Liking what you see here? Pop in for more gorgeous gems and jewels, all carefully hand-selected by the very best bauble buyer ever. Thank you, Allison.

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