Introduction: Huff Harrington Design

Introduction: Huff Harrington Design

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We’ve had something cooking for a while now at Huff Harrington and we’re delighted to finally let the cat out of the bag. Meet the newest member of the HH family: Huff Harrington Design.

If you’ve known us for a while, you know that we’ve always been passionate about interior design – it goes hand-in-hand with everything we do, from curating fine art to scouring the French fleas for one-of-a-kind treasures.

If it’s French and it sparkles, we love it…

Over the years, we’ve been lucky to have delightful clients who gave us carte blanche to do our thing. And with some talented cooks in the kitchen, we had some wonderful results.

A Danish mid-century chair from France looks perfect with an abstract from <a href="" target="_blank">Andrea Costa</a>.

The early days of our fledging foray into design were fun: we had a couple apartments in Paris, a London townhouse, an Atlanta condo and a little cottage renovation.

The chic master in the Paris apartment.

Ann’s Paris apartment had gorgeous bones, beautiful light and the original “point de Hongrie” parquet floors.

Another Paris apartment. Our go-to’s? Always a stunning Louis mirror, a sexy mid-century coffee table and a pair of elegant fauteuils – perfect for watching the Eiffel Tower do its sparkling thing. (photo: <a href="" target="_blank">Emily Followill</a>)

Is space an issue? No problem! There’s always room for a classic French chandelier and, of course, art.

The London townhouse was a treat and an adventure. Ann and Sam tackled this one and came home with funny stories about stuffing cabs full of pillows, lampshades, rugs and accessories. They were able to use the homeowner’s pieces along with a few new acquisitions.

A little zebra zing makes this space sing.

Then, there was our fun client who lived in an Atlanta high-rise and needed a little refresh:

Fresh and bright for a high-rise apartment.

We carved out a special spot for our client to work – while enjoying her view.

There was also the Nest– Meg’s cottage-style house in Atlanta. Once the construction dust settled, the design team went in and worked their magic:

The living room, all sourced from Huff Harrington. Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles/Erica George Dines.

More from the Nest via <a href="" target="_blank">Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles</a>/Erica George Dines.

So after all that time designing quietly for our lovely clients, we decided it was time to make it official. We’ve put together a wonderful team of talent, including Trudy Stump, Heather Parker, Wren Caples, Sam Jones and Debbie Callaway who bring decades of design expertise and talent to the table.

We offer full interior design services, from single-room redo’s to whole-house, soup-to-nuts projects. We can help with hard finishes, furnishings, window treatments, lighting and rugs, accessories and art (thanks to Huff Harrington Fine Art, there’s always plenty of art!)

A little vignette we did at the inaugural <a href="" target="_blank">Southeastern Designer Showhouse.</a> Art took center stage with an ethereal abstract by <a href="" target="_blank">Christina Doelling</a>.

Cooking up some design.

We’ve devoted a section of Huff Harrington Home to interior design and we’ve stocked it to the brim with samples, swatches and resources. We’ve brought in lots of new upholstery, from sassy little swivel chairs to sofas and sectionals, that you can see and sit in (all sourced from a family-owned furniture/upholstery business in North Carolina.)

White linen dining chairs just arrived at the store.

We’ve got lots of new upholstery on the floor for sampling and sitting.

We’re tickled – and very honored – to launch our newly formed and official design business at the fabulous Southeastern Designer Showhouse which runs through June 2nd. It’s a magnificent home, brimming with the Southeast’s brightest and best design talent and a pure feast for the eyes. We were lucky to score the serene master bedroom veranda and gallery and we’re thrilled with how it turned out.

Here’s a little tease of the master bedroom veranda at the Southeastern Showhouse.

So, Huff Harrington Design is officially official. Stop by the store, check us out and say bonjour to any of the designers who are already busy working their magic. And to our wonderful clients, both old and new, thank you for letting us spruce, fluff and re-imagine your rooms to create spaces that are brimming with the gorgeous details that reflect your own lifestyle and personality.

Ta ta.

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