Hot off the Easel: Stephanie Amato

Hot off the Easel: Stephanie Amato

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We're delighted to welcome artist Stephanie Amato to our gallery family.

We instantly gravitated to Stephanie's luminescent, softly painted beachscapes - drawn by the evocative renderings of sand, sun and water.  When you look at Stephanie's work, you're instantly transported to that beachy, watery place.  Her work is so warmly rendered that you can practically feel the sun on your face and taste the salty breezes.

Beach Passage

"Inspired by the landscape, specifically the water and the sky," Amato is a study in opposites.  A New York-native, she chose computer programming as her first career but her passion for drawing and painting promoted an education in visual art at Parsons. 

Symphony of the Sea

A Grand View

Another degree as a graphic designer adds to her ability to create paintings that are strong not only compositionally but technically. And, she's a member of the American Impressionist Society, Oil Painters of America and Portrait Society of Atlanta.

Sea Breeze I

Sea Breeze II

Stephanie is a dedicated plein air painter (working on site, outside) and then finishes her pieces in her spacious studio. 

She also works in alla prima style (very few layers of thickly applied pigment or paint) and she paints quickly to capture the fleeting moments of sunlight and the reflections of light on water.

Glowing Sunset

Please come by and feast your eyes on Stephanie's work - if a beach trip isn't in your future any time soon, we guarantee her gorgeous work will whisk you off to the shore of your dreams!


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