Hot off the Easel: Sarah Robertson

Hot off the Easel: Sarah Robertson

We've been huge fans of Sarah Robertson's since she joined our little gallery family many years ago.  Her light, airy and delicate mixed media paintings of iconic landmarks take us on flights of fancy to places like Paris, Rome, Atlanta and even the Florida coast.  We love her soft touch with the brush and her suggestions of open skies and views that go on forever.


Her renditions of the best-known buildings are fluid and interpretative but always instantly recognizable.

Atlanta's Piedmont Park.

Atlanta's Midtown

Rome's Tiber River

Paris View.

We love using Sarah's work in our Paris projects. 

The Eiffel Tower.

The Pearl at Rosemary Beach.

The Hotel de Ville in Paris.

We're also entranced with Sarah's soft and delicate florals that abound with climbing branches, sweet florals and birds. 

And she's even lent her unique and recognizable style to four-legged friends:

 If you're in town, please come by and feast your eyes on Sarah's delightul, airy and impressionistic work - we think you'll be glad you did - or you check it all out right here.



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