Design Dossier: a family room gets a makeover

Design Dossier: a family room gets a makeover

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When a sweet family came to us a while ago, their list of wants and needs was pretty short - but definitive.

"They wanted a new, re-imagined family room with plenty of seating for relaxing and entertaining. They also wanted strong pops of color thoughout the space and, very importantly, a new vision for their screened porch, where they spend a lot of time as a family," says Trudy Stump, head of Huff Harrington Design.

The first order of business was to set the palette for space - and a vibrant abstract by Melissa Payne Baker does the trick perfectly, adding punches of saturated blues and golds. Next, the designers specified brand new upholstery for the family, choosing a creamy white performance upholstery for two swivel chairs, a pale blue for a secondary pair of armchairs and a soft caramel for the sink-in sofa. 

"The family wanted the upholstery to be comfortable, good-looking and hard-working," says Trudy. "We obliged with spill-proof fabrics that also wear well and are comfortable to the touch," she says.

A sleek new coffee table anchors the space and newly designed built-in display interesting objets and items that are personal for the family.

Out on the screened porch, a fresh palette of blue and white sets the stage for a charming space.  "You can never go wrong with blue and white," says Trudy. "We opted for clean-lined dark wicker furniture with layers of pretty pillows and accessories, including a lush planter that ushers the outside in." Two seating areas make the space perfectly functional for socializing and relaxing.

The end result? Fresh, pretty and completely functional spaces that are comfortable and perfect for entertaining. 

Mission accomplished.

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