Hot off the easel: Maura Segal

Hot off the easel: Maura Segal

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It took about one second for us to fall in love with Maura Segal's work.  The intentional simplicity and spareness of her canvases feel so clean and uncomplicated.  She's influenced by modern architecture and minimalism - both easy to see in her paintings.

We were instantly drawn to her calming compositions of brush-applied lines and shapes - but a sharper look reveals that the lines are actually hand-cut, thin strips of paper that she adheres to the canvas before the painting even begins.  We love how Maura’s work is a paradox of simplicity and complexness - and reflects her passion for modern architecture and minimalism.

Take a peek (click on the image for the deets):


 Pop by the gallery to feast your eyes on these striking, minimalist paintings or click here to see more of Maura's work.



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