Huff Harrington at Foxglove Antiques

Huff Harrington at Foxglove Antiques

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Did you know that Huff Harrington has a space at the iconic Foxglove Antiques on Miami Circle?

Our relationship with Foxglove goes back years when Ann showed art there, pre-Huff Harrington Fine Art.  We've always been huge fans of Foxglove's - the staff couldn't be more lovely and the dealers who show there are the best in town. 

The merchandise mix is sublime! Sheila Benson, the inspirational founder, started Foxglove as a tiny shop in Buckhead in 2000. It's now 15,000 gorgeous square feet of curated and one-of-a-kind antiques, objets, lighting, art and decorative accessories, sourced primarily in France, Italy and England. It's the an uncontested go-to not just retail clients but interior designers from around the U.S. 

Huff Harrington's offerings at Foxglove are masterminded by our secret weapon, Debbie Callaway, who can merchandise and spin a room like no-one else. She is also truly passionate about art and antiques and it really shows.  She and our inventory manager, Marlon, recently re-zhushed our space and it's looking great.

Huff Harrington at Foxglove.

Huff Harrington at Foxglove.

Huff Harrington at Foxglove.

More HH at Foxglove.

Huff Harrington at Foxglove.

Interior designer Ray Booth is a Foxglove shopper.

And so is Atlanta designer, Anna Wooten.

And so is Amy Morris, another Atlanta designer.

You can find just about anything you're looking for at Foxglove - and feel supremely confident that what you're buying is top-quality and sourced by some of the best vendors in the business.  It's also conveniently located on Miami Circle, just minutes from ADAC - and Huff Harrington.

Hope you can go by to check out their offerings - and if you do, tell them HH sent you!  You can count on the warmest welcome from the Foxglove gang: Ritchie, Annie, Caroline, Randy and the rest of the staff. Have fun!




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