Color crush: caramel

Color crush: caramel

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Fall is coming!  Even with everything that's going on in our world, there's no denying the little thrill in the air that announces crisper air and cooler temps.  

Here in the store and the gallery, we're introducing a subtle shift in our palette.  At the gallery, it's more instinctive than intentional - after all, art is art on its own terms and isn't dictated by the seasons.  But at the store, we're definitely feeling the autumn vibe and we're putting touches here, there and everywhere.  

We're big believers in keeping your important, upholstered pieces neutral and having fun with seasonal pillows and throws. And right now, the color crush is on caramel.  Huff Harrington Design's Trudy Stump is a huge fan of caramel and started raving about it last spring when September felt like a million days away. "Caramel is one of the most versatile colors to work with because it's a rich, warm and true neutral," she told us over and over again. She's right!

Here are our favorite ways to mix and match caramel in all its shades, from the smoothest cafe au lait to a true golden brown:

Do: mix caramel with dozens of other colors.  

One combo that has us drooling? Caramel and navy.  Divine!

Karen Ferguson from Harrison Designs worked her magic with caramel and a deep, saturated blue. This room was featured at a 2015 designer Showhouse.


Do: treat it like a neutral.  

Caramel and gray are also a match made in heaven. Ann paired a fabulous burled waterfall coffee table with a classic sofa in the yummiest caramel leather.  She painted her walls a rich, saturated gray, hung an elegant abstract by Charles Ross et voila! Sheer perfection.

Think of caramel as the most neutral of neutrals. Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles

Lauren Davenport used caramel and bottle green in this 2018 Showhouse.

Do: mix in shades of gold or black, in the form of accents or lighting.

Caramel and gold go hand-in-hand together. 


Designer David Jimenez channels caramel with a spectacular gold mirror, a vintage leather chair and that perfectly perfect Hermes throw. (Trad Home/Xavier Bejot)

Do: look for caramel in other textures and finishes, like leather or even rattan.

This cute little vignette definitely has the fall vibe going. Those are fun leather and chrome chairs that we bought at a fair in France.

Leather and caramel. (Meridy King/Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles/Erica George Dines)

Do: embrace caramel in your wardrobe.

When it's paired with just about anything, caramel is always a classic.

 photo: Collage Vintage


We can't think of a better way to say hello to fall than with a little caramel - in any shape or form. Happy fall, y'all, we're ready for you!

Ta ta. 



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