A New Normal

A New Normal

5:15 p.m. “Hi everyone.  Our Midtown office is about to close and go for a walk. Enjoy your evening, and have a great night.”

5:16 p.m. “Great day today!  Sandy Springs is closing up shop too.”

5:16 p.m. “Got so much done!  Good night from East Cobb office.”

5:17 p.m. “Yoga mat just arrived.  I’ll be working out the kinks and closing up the Virginia Highlands office any minute.” (Collective ugh exclaimed from two offices!)

5:18 p.m.  “Vinings office will be at Buckhead headquarters tomorrow for orders and deliveries.  Closing up shop now.”

5:18 p.m.  “Brookhaven office signing off too.  “See you” tomorrow!”

This is the new normal, as we work remotely from our respective Huff Harrington offices scattered across the city.  We may be physically closed until further notice (except for approvals and deliveries, Monday to Friday 11 to 1) but we are busier than ever with emails, online orders, social media and phone calls.  And although sales have definitely slowed down, there is still a spirit of positivity as we navigate the new normal with our wonderful employees and clients.

So what are we doing?

Let’s talk about art, for starters.   Linda and Mackenzie love nothing more than placing art in your home – and they can do it remotely!   Here’s how it works:

Let's say you have a blank wall in your house.  Take a picture of it straight on, like the one above, along with the dimensions of the space and send it to us.  We'll browse our artists and plop some art in so that you can try it on approval, remotely.  Like this:

Charles Ross

Brad Robertson

Kelley Ogburn

If you can't shoot the whole wall, that can work too, like this:

Augusta Wilson

Steve McKenzie


Oh, and if there's two silly people in the picture trying to steal the show, we'll work around them too, like this:

Andrea Costa

Melissa Payne Baker

Mel Rea

Keep us busy!  Keep us productive!  We love doing this and we're here to help.  If there’s something you love, we will respectfully observe the very necessary social distancing protocols, and meet you at the gallery or the store so that you can take it on approval. 

And now, it's time to close up the office.  Good night, Sandy Springs! Good bye, Vinings.  Don't do too much yoga, Virginia!  "See you" tomorrow Brookhaven!  

Ta ta,

HH Remotely

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