Sharon Hockfield

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Hockfield - Golden Robe I
Hockfield - Golden Robe I $2,500.00
+ Close-up
Hockfield - Golden Robe II
Hockfield - Golden Robe II $2,500.00
+ Close-up
Hockfield - Mikkis Knee
Hockfield - Mikkis Knee $2,000.00
+ Close-up
Hockfield - Dry Off
Hockfield - Dry Off $2,000.00
+ Close-up

Hockfield - Leaning Left
Hockfield - Leaning Left $1,800.00
+ Close-up
Hockfield - Slanted
Hockfield - Slanted $1,400.00
+ Close-up
Hockfield - Stone
Hockfield - Stone $1,200.00
+ Close-up
Hockfield - Jade's Back
Hockfield - Jade's Back $1,200.00
+ Close-up

Hockfield - Philip
Hockfield - Philip $525.00
+ Close-up
Hockfield - Raquel
Hockfield - Raquel $525.00
+ Close-up
Hockfield - Ptown Bathers I
Hockfield - Ptown Bathers I $425.00
+ Close-up
Hockfield - Ptown Bathers II
Hockfield - Ptown Bathers II $425.00
+ Close-up

Hockfield -Toronto Robe I
Hockfield -Toronto Robe I Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up
Hockfield - Toronto Robe III
Hockfield - Toronto Robe III Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up
Hockfield - Square Table
Hockfield - Square Table Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up
Hockfield - Reaching
Hockfield - Reaching Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up

Hockfield - Purple Chair
Hockfield - Purple Chair Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up
Hockfield - Jade on Bench
Hockfield - Jade on Bench Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up

About the artist

A North Carolina native, Sharon Hockfield has always viewed life through a painter’s lens. She took art lessons at the Mint Museum as a young child, won numerous high school art awards and dabbled in art courses in college. Though her career in public education took her away from painting, it did not stop her interest. Travel always included art museums, galleries and botanical gardens. She describes her lifelong interest in gardening as “painting with plants.”

In 2007, Sharon worked with artist Anne Cowie painting paper for her daughter’s wedding invitations. Feeling right at home with a paintbrush in hand, she began studying with Andy Braitman. She later became an artist-in-residence at Braitman Studio and has also studied with Tony Griffin, Wayne McDowell and Cynthia Packard.

Sharon is honored to be the winner of the 2014 Art with Heart Emerging Artist competition. She was the featured solo artist at the Powerhouse Project Gala in June, 2015, and received Honorable Mention in The Body Beautiful exhibit at Ciel Gallery in October, 2015. She is an invited artist for ArtFields 2016. Sharon works out of a South End studio in Charlotte, NC.