Christina Doelling

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Christina Doelling - Rose Gold
Christina Doelling - Rose Gold Sold - $0.00
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Christina Doelling - Frozen Air
Christina Doelling - Frozen Air $4,600.00
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Christina Doelling - Trade Winds
Christina Doelling - Trade Winds $4,600.00
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Christina Doelling - On St. Simons
Christina Doelling - On St. Simons $4,600.00
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Christina Doelling - Pretty in Pink
Christina Doelling - Pretty in Pink $5,000.00
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Christina Doelling-Sacre Coeur
Christina Doelling-Sacre Coeur Sold - $0.00
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Christina Doelling - Celestial Being
Christina Doelling - Celestial Being $5,000.00
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Christina Doelling - Golden Kisses
Christina Doelling - Golden Kisses Sold - $0.00
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Christina Doelling-On Daufuskie
Christina Doelling-On Daufuskie $4,600.00
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Christina Doelling-All Buttoned Up
Christina Doelling-All Buttoned Up Sold - $0.00
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Christina Doelling - Path to Enlightenment
Christina Doelling - Path to Enlightenment Sold - $0.00
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About the artist

Texture and depth are very important elements in Christina’s mixed media paintings.  In addition to multiple layers of paint, Christina often creates marks with charcoal, pencil and oil pastels to add energy and additional dimension.  Stylistically, areas of intense activity are often juxtaposed with areas of calmness in her compositions, which creates the emotion and mood in her work.  Color palettes are usually soft and modern.

Christina grew up in Europe, in London and Frankfurt.  She then studied Fine Art at Skidmore College, where she fell in love with Abstract Expressionism.  After graduating with Highest Honors, she attended the Portfolio Center for advertising.  She was an art director for more than a decade, working at agencies on both coasts, and gaining an appreciation for design concepts that often work their way into the structure of her paintings.  A full-time artist since 2002, Christina’s beautiful, expressive work can be found in multiple galleries throughout the Southeast, and grace the walls of hundreds of private and corporate collectors.  She was chosen as an Emerging Artist by “Art & Antiques” magazine early in her career, and since then her work has been shown many solo and group exhibits, featured in decorator home shows, and has appeared on HGTV and in multiple magazines.  Christina lives in the Atlanta area with her husband and son.

In her words: “On my canvases, certain constants usually exist. I apply a generous amount of paint and work in layers, letting luminosity, depth and texture compliment and contrast. Stylistically, areas of intense activity are juxtaposed with areas of calmness. And many of my compositions are anchored with geometric shapes and lines, which can create both balance and tension within a painting.

Since creating abstract art is such an organic process, there is no set formula or amount of time before a painting reveals itself. The fact that the process itself dictates the end result goes hand-in-hand with my belief that a painting not just be labeled original art, but literally be something that can never be exactly duplicated. I also believe that appreciating an abstraction is much more about feeling than analyzing. So I don’t offer philosophical rationales, since interpretation is primarily emotional and therefore subjective at its core. My goal as an artist is straightforward: to create what I love, and hope that people may love what I create.”