Brook Soss

Brook Soss is a contemporary artist exploring the sophistication of color and rawness of texture through mixed media.

She builds a body of work using large-scale, nonstick platforms allowing her the ability to compose the foreground moving backward. Raw deconstruction within the confines of form are the crux of her creative process. The evolution of her work takes shape through sandstone, wood, acrylic and adhesive mediums. Her openness for experimentation of texture allows for a varied compilation of work. 

Brook has a deep purpose to create. It was cultivated by her grandmother, a life-long respect for the unexpected within design and rebirth of a creative vision by her dyslexic and thought-provoking boys.  She draws inspiration from her love of fashion, design, nature and color theory.

She was raised in a small town in Ohio, lived much of her life in Atlanta, Georgia working in experiential marketing and is currently living/working out of her studio in Chattanooga, Tennessee.