Amy Sullivan

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Amy Sullivan - Not Forgotten
Amy Sullivan - Not Forgotten $5,800.00
+ Close-up
Amy Sullivan - Lyrical Silence
Amy Sullivan - Lyrical Silence $5,300.00
+ Close-up
Amy Sullivan - The Turning Point
Amy Sullivan - The Turning Point $4,400.00
+ Close-up
Amy Sullivan - Lyrical Moonlight I
Amy Sullivan - Lyrical Moonlight I Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up

Amy Sullivan - Lyrical Moonlight II
Amy Sullivan - Lyrical Moonlight II Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up
Amy Sullivan - Pickles and Olives
Amy Sullivan - Pickles and Olives Sold - $0.00
+ Close-up

About the artist

It only took us a second to fall in love with Amy Sullivan's abstracted barns and structures. Oozing with texture and media, her large-scale and slightly off-kilter renditions of the familiar shapes take on a whole new meaning that are simultaneously, as Amy says, "ever elusive and always familiar."
Her beautiful tonal and abstracted landscapes are full of complexity that the layers of medium bring.
Both series of work capture mysteriousness and intrigue…and even just a little bit of solitude. Sullivan says, "My process is an intuitive exploration of simplicity. I am fascinated with negative spaces contradicted by positive mark-making."
She likes to begin her paintings with a small study in oil and wax (which are as lovely as the finished pieces, we promise you!) And then, with her keen eye, she searches for the potential of intrigue and paradox. "Carving into the wax and paint, penetrating masses of space with sharp edges, I respond to the tension of defining space and object in an almost sensual way," she tells us.
We especially appreciate the way Amy describes that fleeting moment when she knows a painting is complete: "Ever intrigued with the irony of painting, I wait for the voice that says ‘hurry, hurry'. When I'm finished, and I know that the work is complete, there is a feeling inside that says you're home and safe, and at the same time it screams ‘run!'"

Amy Sullivan has produced some giclees (canvas prints) of her work that she has sold separately from Huff Harrington.  We do not sell giclees at Huff Harrington and we do not carry the original work that has been turned into a giclee.