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I recently had the pleasure of staying at the Crémant apartment in Paris, during one of our Huff’ington trips to France.  You may remember that we’ve blogged about this wonderful little jewel because it remains one of our favorite renovation projects.  In fact the layout and size created such a big challenge that even some Huff’ingtons were skeptical we could pull it off!  Figuring out how to turn the studio into a one-bedroom meant literally measuring everything down to the millimeter and convincing the naysayers that it could work.

Cremant Living Room - before the renovation

Cremant Living Room - after the renovation

Cremant Bedroom area before the renovation

Cremant Bedroom after renovation

Pulling off the renovation was a small victory that gave this apartment a very special place in our hearts – and led to this Aha moment, a few months ago:

It was a warm spring evening and I was working at my desk, enjoying a glass of wine, basking in the breeze from the windows, and watching the lights come up slowly on the Eiffel tower as dusk turned to darkness.  Suddenly I felt overwhelmed by my affection for Crémant, and in a spontaneous gesture, jotted down 10 things I love about this apartment and sent it off to one of the owners. Having lived through the angst of the renovation, she totally appreciated - and agreed with - the sentiment, and just recently asked me to share it with our readers, as this little jewel is now for sale through Paris Perfect Shared. 

10 things I love about Crémant:

  1. It’s pretty!  The décor, the mirrors, the high ceilings, the chandelier, the beams, the fireplace, the artwork, the soothing colors: They all work together to create a harmonious, pretty and welcoming décor.  And we love pretty! 

 Pretty Details everywhere!

2.  The view! Ta da.  It’s not just the spectacular unobstructed view of the Eiffel tower but also the view of neighboring apartment buildings including some of the fanciest examples of Haussmann architecture in Paris.  (I love the way the golden crown of Napoleon’s Tomb is reflected in one of the windows across the street – and I also love watching our neighbors in the fancy building with all the chandeliers!)

3.  Location: It can’t be beat.  Close to the iconic rue Cler, convenient to the Metro and numerous buses, a stone’s throw from the Seine and some of the best shopping streets in Paris and surrounded by dozens of fabulous restaurants – not to mention bakeries for morning croissants and pharmacies for beauty products.  I also love the fact that it’s a family neighborhood, and there is nothing more entertaining than watching ruffled Dads on Saturday mornings running their kids to school, with a dog in tow!

The always bustling and fun rue Cler

4. Light: Because it faces East, South and West and it’s on the 6th floor above the tree levels, nothing stops the light from pouring in morning to night.  Nothing except the blackout curtains, of course.

5.  Cross ventilation. OK this may be my own little particularity, but I love sleeping with he windows open, even on the coldest nights.  There is a way of propping the windows ajar to get the best little breeze any time you need it.  And for the occasional heat wave that may be more frequent these days:  The A/C works wonders.

6. Storage: Believe it or not, there is plenty of storage for a small space.  (And I love the fact that the closets are mirrored, which pretty much doubles the space and light in the bedroom.)

7. Convenience: Everything in the apartments is efficient and easy to reach:  TV, microwave, coffee makers, hairdryer, often within an arm’s reach and very practical and compact!

8.  It’s quiet: Being on the top floor, there are no little footsteps to keep you up, and with double-paned windows, you can close out the world completely, if you wish.  (I actually prefer the street noise, but that’s just me.)

9. It’s comfortable: It’s so cozy with a great bed, wonderful sheets, a beautiful duvet and a comfy sofa.  And if you really want cozy, just close the curtains to the living room and feel like you’re enveloped in a warm and luxurious cocoon.

10. Pretty bathroom: Although it’s compact, there is great lighting, plenty of storage for toiletries, a good shower with nice water pressure and a wonderful skylight with natural light just where you need it. 

I hope I’ve been able to convey my heartfelt love affair with this special place and my thanks to those who had faith in us from the beginning.  Crémant is now for sale through Paris Perfect Shared, so if you are one of the lucky new owners, may you enjoy it as much we have.  And if you find yourself with a glass of wine some evening, looking out over the sparkling Eiffel Tower, jot down what you love about it – and send it to us!  It will bring back the happiest memories of a place we’ve been lucky enough to call home.

Ta ta,


P.S. In case you’re looking for a pied-a-terre in Paris, Crémant  is being offered as a fractional at 89,000 euros for a one-month yearly share. Please contact Paris Perfect Shared for details. 

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Janine Sareh

Janine Sareh

It looks wonderful. Very pretty and compact. I have a question. Is the “sofa” really a daybed?

It looks wonderful. Very pretty and compact. I have a question. Is the “sofa” really a daybed?

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